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Do You Grow Out Of Epilepsy?

If anyone is unaware of epilepsy, it is a disorder caused due to abnormal functionality occurred in the brain. The abnormal functionality is the misfiring or miscommunication between neurons. Although it is unknown about the valid reasons for the occurrence of epilepsy, many neurologists link the situation to several underlying causes such as a tumor, injuries to the head, stroke, and other environmental factors.

Do You Grow Out Of Epilepsy?

Do You Grow Out Of Epilepsy?

When we speak about epilepsy, it is not a single element. Although the attack of the region is one, which is the brain, the origin could be anywhere on the eight lobes distributed across the two hemispheres. Due to this, the individual experiences different outcome of a seizure attack.

When a doctor diagnoses epilepsy in children or an adult, most of the discussion involves about the future. Parents would like to know whether it is possible to come out of epilepsy. Another question they would be asking is about the longevity of the medicines, the dosage, and the side effects. Many of them even ask whether there is a chance for re-occurrence in the future.

As stated earlier, as epilepsy occurs at different levels and in various formats, it is possible to grow out of it when the neurologist finds the accurate treatment plan.

Development of epilepsy happens during childhood. However, one can also expect it to develop at any stage. Fortunately, it is possible for both children and adults to grow out of epilepsy are bright.

The treatment begins with conducting examinations such as neurological exam and EEG. In many of the cases, it is possible to bring down the seizures and gain control over them in the first or second medication prescribed by the neurologist. The great news for parents with kids diagnosed with epilepsy is that 75% have the chance to become seizure-free within two years from the start of the treatment. Such a statistic holds useful for those who do not have any family history of epilepsy.

Not all the children who show signs of seizures continue to have them into adulthood. However, there is no long-term research that would help in understanding whether what is likely to happen in the future.

New Study

A new study carried out by neurologists involved almost 500 children. The research lasted for 15 years, and the children had at least two episodes of seizures. The average age of the children is five during the period of study. The study found out that seven out of ten children stopped using the medicines and had gained complete control over seizures. They were free from seizures, and their age was 20.

The study provided an insight that a well-planned treatment is likely to cause positive results and give the opportunity for anyone to grow out of epilepsy. It is here that the neurologist must find the exact combination of the medicine that will help the child or an adult to respond well to the treatment right from the beginning. When this happens, the individual will show no signs of seizure attacks in the future.

Nonetheless, eight out of hundred cases still reported seizure attacks. Along the study period, 18 children died, and doctors thought that it was due to epilepsy.

If there is a reduction in the seizure and the child is showing an improvement after a few years, it is preferable to consult the doctor for a quick evaluation that will help in reducing the dosage level of the epilepsy medicine. Additionally, it can also assist in avoiding the drug altogether.


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