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Can You Die From Multiple Sclerosis?

Can You Die From Multiple Sclerosis?

A large number of individuals ask a common question whether they can die from multiple sclerosis. However, the answer to this question depends solely on its prognosis, along with the key aspects related to complications, relapses and remissions of multiple sclerosis.

Prognosis Of Multiple Sclerosis

If we talk about early stages of multiple sclerosis, it is difficult for everyone to determine the prognosis and progress of multiple sclerosis. However, doctors advise the patients to lead their normal life, involve in physical exercise frequently and strictly follow various options related to healthy diet. Moreover, if you have already started experiencing problems related to multiple sclerosis while you perform any physical exercise, you have to learn about moderating or adjusting the level of your put efforts.

Key Aspects Related To Multiple Sclerosis Complications, Relapses And Remissions

Multiple Sclerosis Relapses And Remissions In Patients

Walk Assistance Due To MS Relapse And Remission. A large number of people with MS remissions and relapses eventually require assistance to walk even within only 15 years to 20 years period. The disease becomes progressive and hence, forces many people to use walkers, canes, wheelchairs and scooters to deal with their disabilities caused from the disease. Even a few people have to start using scooters early to conserve their existing energy levels.

Neurologic Deficits Due To MS Relapse And Remission. A relatively small percentage of MS patient deals with multiple sclerosis in its mild form without any disability and limited symptoms. However, in other individuals, disease progresses to a moderate level within only 25 years. Even though these patients have limited numbers of neurologic deficits, detailed neurological diagnosis and examinations in some of them may reveal cognitive impairment in them in the substantial form.

Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. A higher percentage of patients experience multiple sclerosis in its relapsing-remitting form with intermittent worsening of their neurological symptoms. In this case, the problem and the respective symptoms last for many weeks. After many years of your problem relapses, MS patients with relapsing-remitting form may switch to their steadily progressive form of the disease. Doctors refer this condition as secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Disability Because Of Onset MS Relapse And Progress. Many people with multiple sclerosis experience the disease in its relapsing-progressive form from its onset and never return to the regular health state after experiencing the relapse. These people may even suffer from disability between each of their attacks.

Nervous System Problems From MS Progression. A small percentage of patients experience MS in its progressive form referred as PPMS i.e. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, where problems related to nervous systems progress yearly even you do not have clear exacerbations.

Latent Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms. A large numbers of individuals experience various latent symptoms of multiple sclerosis because of their exposure to excessive heat. These include tingling, visual blurring, fatigue and numbness.

Multiple Sclerosis Complications In Patients

When the patients reach to their advanced stages of the multiple sclerosis disease, they experience major complications associated with their medical conditions. These include-

Pressure sores caused due to immobility and staying for longtime in a bed or wheelchair

Osteoporosis caused primarily because of lacking suitable weight lifting or weight-bearing physical exercise in combination with various side effects related to corticosteroid treatment

Severe dysfunction of kidney or bladder in multiple sclerosis patients because of urinary dysfunction in its chronic form

Aspiration pneumonia and its related symptoms caused due to difficulty in swallowing.


To conclude, we should say that multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease. However, a patient cannot die because of it; instead, die because of the complications related to multiple sclerosis in its advanced form.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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