Can Peripheral Neuropathy Go Away On Its Own?

About Peripheral Neuropathy

Damage to the peripheral nerves and pain arising thereof is referred to as Peripheral Neuropathy. The peripheral nerves belong the peripheral nervous system in which the brain and spinal connected gets connected to the rest of the body through nerves. The face, mouth, feet, and hands are some of the areas that these nerves are connected to. The primary function of these nerves are to transmit and receive signals from the brain such that an individual senses pain, is able to express himself through facial expressions, and move the extremities.

As a result of peripheral neuropathy, the affected individual may have sensations of pain even when there may be no source for it. The individual may also have altered sensation and may not be able to tell the difference between hot and cold by touching objects.

Peripheral Neuropathy is primarily caused by diabetes mellitus but any type of nerve injury, a systemic medical condition, or an inherited disorder may also cause significant damage to the peripheral nerves because of which an individual develops Peripheral Neuropathy.

Can Peripheral Neuropathy Go Away On Its Own?

This condition can be quite uncomfortable but there are treatments that can help with the symptoms of peripheral Neuropathy.

Can Peripheral Neuropathy Go Away On Its Own?

The answer to this question is, in some cases Peripheral Neuropathy can go away on its own as they have a great ability to heal themselves. This self-healing process of peripheral neuropathy may take months to years but recovery in some cases is possible. If the peripheral nerve is damaged as a result of a trauma or injury such as during a surgical procedure, an act of violence like a gunshot wound or a stabbing injury, or a motor vehicle collision then there are high chances of the nerve healing itself albeit slowly.

However, if an intercurrent medical illness like diabetes is causing damage to the nerves or if radiation therapy to treat various forms of cancer is the culprit then it is extremely difficult for the damaged peripheral nerve to recover. In such instances, symptoms of neuropathy may go down to an extent but the individual will never be completely symptom free.

Thus, in some cases, Peripheral Neuropathy can go away on its own even if takes a lot of time, although every individual with this condition is not that lucky. Peripheral Neuropathy that occurs as a result of illnesses like diabetes or radiation therapy done for treating cancers is permanent even though treatment may bring down the symptoms to some extent but it is not a definite cure.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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