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How Can I Help Someone With Multiple Sclerosis?

How Can I Help Someone With Multiple Sclerosis?

Ways in which one can help a patient of multiple sclerosis include-

Emotional Support– This might appear very irrelevant and insignificant, but knowing that someone cares for you gives you the drive to live. Many people who are tired of their disease, lose the hope to live and thus the symptoms of MS intensify.

This is a fact that a person’s emotion has great control over their health. If a person is mentally fit, he will definitely stay physically fit. Mental trauma cause more injury to the body in comparison to physical trauma. The long course of disease gives the patient a terrible feeling. At times many are unwilling to live and demand euthanasia.

Understanding the patient’s emotion and supporting at all times is needed.

Love and tender care cause a lot of improvement in the patient’s health. This is proven scientifically. A healthy mind in a healthy body is indeed a true saying. Many times it is observed that patients are socially ignored and treated badly by their own family members. This is quite challenging for them to get over such situations.

For overcoming such problems many societies and NGO’s have come up for helping these people out. They provide these patients with medications and basic care.

Help Them In Performing Basic Daily Routine Activities – it may happen that patient may become so worse that he or she is unable to perform his daily routine activities. At such time help them with their routine activities. They may feel that they are a burden to the society but help them to get rid of this thought as once they start feeling bad about themselves they will lose the joy of living. For better living happiness is a must. (1)

Try to keep them happy by understanding their perspective and asking about their situation. There are times when they want to share things with their family members but are unable to do so because of the busy lifestyle of the family members. A small conversation with their loved ones can go a long way.

Treat Them The Same Way As You Treat Other Members Of Your Family – showing pity on them is not a good idea at all. Many people show their sympathy and that may not be liked by them. Make them feel as if they are normal human beings.

Ask them for helping them in conducting their basic activities without sympathizing. This will make them more vulnerable and handicap. If they are emotionally vulnerable help them, talk to them and ask them to get indulge in such activities which makes them happy and rejuvenates them. Many times these people can’t do heavy jobs but performing small activities like making a painting or playing the piano can make them feel alive. There should be something which gives them positive motivation.

Learn About Their Disease – many times patient shows tingling and numbness in the foot. This needs to be understood patiently as it is quite shocking for them to realize that they are have lost their sensation. At those moments act calmly. There are times when the patient deteriorates. During those phases give them hope. Will power can do wonders. If a patient wants to get healthy he will but once he or she decided that they don’t want to live anymore it is quite difficult for medications to work effectively. Our emotions and will drive our body. This is proven scientifically that when a person is happy a hormone named endorphin is released. This hormone when reaches into the bloodstream acts as a stress reliever. So a happy environment is also necessary for the improvement of symptoms. These small things which are neglected should be given equal importance for better results.

Support Multiple Sclerosis Groups– mostly these patients are socially ignored. Help them with funds. Try to give charities in these NGO’s. This money can be used to provide them with food and shelter. If possible be a part of such societies and help them availing the proper treatment. Charities should be promoted. (2)

These are the ways by which one can help in improving the condition of the patient with multiple sclerosis.

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