How to Make Your Hands Stop Sweating?

Most of the people experience sweaty palms when they undergo anxious moments, stressful situations, physical exertion or high temperatures. It is quite natural to get sweaty hands at the time of playing your preferred video game, weightlifting, climbing, or during a tensed moment in a movie. The higher stress levels do raise your body temperature and this result in your sweat glands discharging additional heat through sweat. Unfortunately, your palms do not get a pass during this cooling process. The uncontrollable and excessive sweating of your palms is known as Palmar Hyperhidrosis. This problem can occur periodically, but, if this condition persists, then it is vital to seek a medical assessment from a dermatologist for determining if you have got this problem. The signs of this problem can occur anytime, irrespective of your age, but commonly this problem is witnessed during adolescence and sometimes, all through your life.

How to Make Your Hands Stop Sweating?

How To Make Your Hands Stop Sweating?

There are some professional treatments and home remedies that can help you get rid of this problem, like:

Antiperspirant for your Hands to Stop them from Sweating: Antiperspirant is considered the easiest method to stop sweat. The best part is it is affordable, accessible, and considered the most efficient remedy. Antiperspirants do their job by shrinking and plugging up your sweat pores. Due to this, you sweat less. Different professionals, like athletes, gamers, climbers, weightlifters, and nervous sweaters are in love with this stuff. You must dab a little quantity of hand antiperspirant on your palms before rubbing it. Then, you should let it dry for half-an-hour. However, you must apply it when your hands are wholly dry as when your hands are sweaty or wet then it won’t keep your palms dry.

Use Alcohol-based Hand Wipes: When you require a fast fix for sweaty hands, then you can get hold of an alcohol-based hand wipe to rub it on your hands. Alcohol is considered an astringent and when it is applied topically, it helps in keeping your hands temporarily dry because of its pore-shrinking capabilities. You can use it prior to an important social event or interview.

Use Baby Powder to Make your Hands Stop Sweating: Baby powder absorbs liquids, so when you suffer from sweaty hands, you can dust your hands with a little amount of baby powder. For your convenience, you can carry a small bottle with you for using all through the day. Again, you can use corn-starch too.

Drink Lots of Water for keeping Cool and Hydrated: You must drink lots of water all through the day. When you keep yourself hydrated, then you will be able to cool your core temperature, and it will help in lessening the excessive sweating of your palms. Drinking plenty of water also aids you in avoiding foods which trigger undesired sweat.

Diet and Detox: Food might be the excellent medicine that can cure sweaty hands. Your diet leaves a significant impact on your sweating, and some foods do increase your perspiration, whereas others help in sweating less. A well-balanced diet results in a healthier and balanced body. On the other hand, a poor diet results in physical, mental, and emotional imbalance. Imbalanced food can result in weight gain, chronic illness, anxiety, and excessive sweating. Hence, it is essential to examine your diet. You can escape from sweaty hands with just some modest pinches. You must begin by avoiding alcoholic beverages, spicy, fried, fatty, and processed foods. Additionally, you must avoid caffeine too. These foods can increase your heart rate and your body temperature, and when your body temperature intensifies, you sweat more for discharging the additional heat. The next thing you must do is substitute the bad foods with balanced food options, such as almonds and whole grains. Vitamin B and D are essential too in endorsing balance. Some vitamin-rich food sources are calcium-rich foods, skimmed or low-fat milk, and olive oil. Additionally, you should include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Just like drinking water, they help in keeping your body hydrated that regulates your body temperature. The options comprise watermelon, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, plums, oranges, strawberries, apples, grapefruit, blueberries, celery, and radishes.

Home Remedies to Make your Hands Stop Sweating

Sage Tea Soak to Stop the Hands from Sweating: Sage is renowned as Mother Nature’s antiperspirant. It contains a natural compound known as tannic acid. This tannic acid can hinder and shrink pores. The shrinking aids in lessening sweat similar to an antiperspirant. You can include 4-5 sage tea bags to one-quarter of boiling water and let the tea steep until it becomes sufficiently cool to touch. When it cools down, you can soak your hands in this home remedy solution for half-an-hour to stop the hands from sweating.

Organic Rose Water: You can purchase rose water from a store which sells skin care and makeup products as it is commonly used in the form of a skin toner. Rose water works by closing the pores, and as a result, you get less sweat. For using rose water as a home remedy to stop your hands from sweating, you can dip a cotton ball and rub the ball over your palms and leave it to dry. Again, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice too can be applied to your hands, but if you use them, you must rinse your hands thoroughly after they dry.

Coconut Oil for Stopping Hand Sweating: After taking your daily shower, you can take a little amount of coconut oil to rub it between your palms. Coconut oil works as a natural antiperspirant, and it contains several benefits as well in hydrating the skin.

Exercising Regularly-An Excellent Home Remedy to Stop Hands From Sweating: This may sound something strange that exercise can help you in escaping sweaty hands but the fact is, exercise helps in lessening the amount of your body stress. Due to this, the core temperature of your body sits lower regularly, and this decreases the amount of sweat that your body creates.


When antiperspirant fails to solve the problem of sweating of your hands thoroughly, you must visit a doctor, and he might advise you to take prescription medications. These medications include topical creams and lotions. Some doctors do suggest an anticholinergic medicine too, and they are found in pills. They do their work by hindering your brain’s neurotransmitter which controls your eccrine glands.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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