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What Are The Final Stages Of Multiple Sclerosis?

What Are The Final Stages Of Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis problem progresses to its severity level, according to which individuals lose their physical independence typically. It may even results in mobility loss and related life-altering symptoms. Because of this, severity levels associated with final stage of multiple sclerosis require proper care to fulfill their requirements. Average life expectancy of an individual with Multiple Sclerosis is between 5 years and 10 years or even low. (1)

What Are The Final Stages Of Multiple Sclerosis?

Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis In The Final/End Stage

People in their end stages of final stages of multiple sclerosis suffer severe reactions and deal with the following major symptoms-

  • Pain, which affect their joints, muscles and nerves
  • Stiffness, spasms and muscular cramps
  • Tremors
  • Changes in their sensory organs
  • Bladder or bowel incontinence
  • Constipation and urinary tract infections
  • Weakness and limitation in the mobility of both lower and upper areas of the body
  • Difficulty to swallow and chew foods
  • Difficulties related to speech
  • Problems with thinking and memory
  • Anger, mood swings, depression and other related emotional disturbances
  • Pressure sores

End-stage of multiple sclerosis triggers various life-altering changes and thereby, results in the quality of one’s life, which further results in social isolation.

Final Stage Of Multiple Sclerosis And Death Of A Person

A person may hardly die because of the problem of multiple sclerosis. However, a few people suffering from the problem often develop disabilities related to MS, which make them highly vulnerable to severe complications, which in turn result in death. In case any person reaches to the end stage and his/her disability become severe, fail to respond to any treatment, he or she experiences life-threatening complications and goes to the end stage of the multiple sclerosis.

Final Stage Symptoms To Make An Individual’s Life Vulnerable

There are many symptoms of end stage (even though few of them are similar to multiple sclerosis advanced stage), which make the life of an individual vulnerable. These include-

  • Very severe form of bowel and bladder problems, which result in regular hospitalization or recurrent infections
  • Increase in susceptibility towards respiratory infections, which result in repeated pneumonia bouts
  • Problems related to swallowing food, which results in aspiration pneumonia or choking, where fluid or food enters your lungs.
  • Feeding related difficulties, in which you require a suitable feeding tube or experience severe weight loss.
  • Breathing shortness or related difficulties because of your weak respiratory muscles
  • Losing your ability to speak further
  • Pressure sores because of immobility, which remain at relatively higher risk related to infection.
  • Disorientation or mental confusion
  • Increase in the pain levels
  • Development of blood clots because of lacking mobility

Sepsis-A Life-Threatening Condition At End Stage

Each of the aforementioned symptoms result in person requiring increased numbers of trips to the nearby hospital and emergency treatment. Moreover, if a person experiences any infection, which may put him/her at a higher risk related to develop sepsis i.e. his/her body starts to attack own tissues and organs, he suffers from life-threatening condition.

Other Vulnerable Symptoms At The Multiple Sclerosis End Stage

Besides this, you will experience a few other vulnerable symptoms while you reach at the end stage of your multiple sclerosis. These include abnormal weight loss, physical decline and comorbidities i.e. multiple numbers of health conditions.


An individual with end stage of its multiple sclerosis requires care on 24-hour basis. Most of the symptoms in this case are similar to the ones observed in case of advanced form of the problem. However, treatment in case of multiple sclerosis end stage aims to assist the patient to live his/her end phase of his/her life with comfort, dignity and respect as much as possible. Whenever an individual approaches to the MS end stage, it becomes essential for him or her to access the end of the palliative care solutions from the life.


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