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Is Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis Fatal?

Tumefactive multiple sclerosis is a type of multiple sclerosis, which is very rare; as such multiple sclerosis is a disease that can lead to progressive disability by affecting the nervous system. Central nervous system of the body comprise of brain, spinal cord and the optic nerve. MS occurs when the immune system of the body starts to destroy own myelin, which is a protective covering surrounding the nerve fibers. This continuous attack causes lesions in spinal cord and brain. Damaged nerve fibers fail to identify and transfer normal signals received from brain through nerves. This ultimately causes temporary or at times even permanent loss in body functioning.

The size of brain lesions is usually small in majority of multiple sclerosis. On the contrary, in case of tumefactive multiple sclerosis, the size of lesions is more than two centimeters. Further, this form of multiple sclerosis is more aggressive compared to other forms of multiple sclerosis. As such MS is difficult to identify, but diagnosing Tumefactive MS is even more difficult, reason is that it leads to symptoms of other health issues such as tumor, brain abscess, stroke and so on.

Is Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis Fatal?

Is Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis Fatal?

As such no effective treatment is available for treating multiple sclerosis but there are medications that can help in slowing down the progression of the problem and the symptoms. If left untreated then tumefactive multiple sclerosis can be fatal. Adequate dose of corticosteroids is very effective on this problem; it helps in reducing the pain and the infection. Medications can be given either through injection, intravenously inside the skin or simply as oral pills. (1)

Symptoms Of Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis

Symptoms of Tumefactive MS are slightly different from the other types of multiple sclerosis. Some of the common symptoms of multiple sclerosis include:

Symptoms of tumefactive MS include:

Causes Of Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis

Till date no concrete cause of tumefactive multiple sclerosis is known. Medical experts believe that there are various factors that affect the risk of developing multiple sclerosis; some if these factors are as follows:

Individuals have a family history of multiple sclerosis are more prone to develop this problem. Environmental factors also play a significant role in the development process. Another interesting thing is that people who stay at locations far from equator are more likely to develop this painful disease. Also, some researchers have found a connection between MS and the level of Vitamin D in the body. The connection between the above two statements is that people who stay away from the equator receive less sunlight and vitamin D compared to people who live close to it. Sufficient exposure of sunlight helps in boosting the immune system of the body and helps in fighting diseases.

Smoking is a high risk factor for developing tumefactive MS. As per one research report, some bacteria and viruses can trigger multiple sclerosis by causing infection or demyelination. However, no concrete evidence is available till date to prove the fact that viruses and bacteria can cause multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosis Of Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis

It is very difficult to diagnose tumefactive multiple sclerosis because the symptoms of the problem closely resembles the symptoms of other health problems. Physician asks different questions related to the symptoms experienced and also the family history of the patient. Further, doctor may prescribe series of test to confirm the problem but to begin will start with MRI. Further, they can also prescribe various tests to test nerve function testing to confirm that the patient is suffering from tumefactive MS.

Lifestyle Changes For Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis

Make some positive changes in the lifestyle can help in improving the condition. A normal half an hour mild exercise or walking can make big difference. Also adding healthy alternatives in daily diet can improve the health. These lifestyle changes will make an individual healthier.


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