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What Is The Best Treatment For Noonan Syndrome?

Noonan syndrome is a congenital disease that develops when defective genes are passed from one of the parents having these genes. It can also develop due to random mutations in the genes during the developmental stages of a fetus in the womb. It affects various parts of the body depicting symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Its symptoms involve typical facial features, stunted growth, undescended testis, heart defects, learning disabilities, eye or ear problems, and many more. It is diagnosed by many tests to detect its effects on the different organs. However, there is no complete treatment of this syndrome. It is treated according to the organs affected. It can be treated with surgery, medications, hormonal therapy, speech therapy, etc. according to the organs involved. Still, the affected person can lead a healthy life.

What Is The Best Treatment For Noonan Syndrome?

Owing to its affection in various parts of the body, there can’t be a single treatment for Noonan Syndrome. There is no cure discovered to date to correct the defects in the genes of Noonan Syndrome. But some medications can alleviate their symptoms and prevent complications.(2)

The best treatment of Noonan Syndrome is to detect the parts affected by the disorder and treat it accordingly. Initially, the child may require a lot of therapy and support to reduce the symptoms, but as the child grows old, he may need less care. However, routine tests are required again and again to monitor the disorder. Most adults with this syndrome can live a normal life.(2)

Some treatment options for Noonan syndrome are-

Heart Problems- the heart problems are first assessed to find out the severity and detect any congenital heart disease. If the child has pulmonary stenosis, then the mild treatment is needed. Only if he has severe symptoms, then surgical repair or replacement may be required. In the case of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, beta-blockers medicines or surgery is suggested to damage or remove excess heart muscles. Septal defects do not require treatment as it gets better as the child gets older.(2)

Growth Problems- restricted growth is assessed throughout the childhood of the child with Noonan syndrome. As he grows to 4-5 years, he is given somatropin injection as a growth hormone to enhance the growth of the child.(2)

Feeding And Speech Problems- weak muscles in the mouth may induce speech and feeding problems in the child. In severe cases, feeding problems are treated with a feeding tube for a few months. Speech therapy is used to treat speech problems.(2)

Vision Problems- vision problems are corrected with glasses, lenses, and surgery according to eye problems.(1)

Auditory Problems- hearing aids are given to rectify the hearing problems of the child.(1)

Learning Disabilities- after the diagnosis of learning disabilities, the child may be given educational and health care to meet his health and educational requirements.

Undescended Testicles- in Noonan syndrome, the testicles do not descend naturally, then it is corrected surgically before two years of age to avoid fertility problems.(2)

Noonan Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disease affecting children usually acquired from one of the parents. It hinders the normal growth and development of a person. It is present since birth. It affects various parts of the body that result in a variety of problems in the same person. But its symptoms may be different in different persons. Its routine tests may be mild or severe.(1)


As Noonan Syndrome is a genetic disorder, the defective genes cannot be rectified. There is no cure known for Noonan Syndrome. The best treatment of this disorder can be selected after an accurate diagnosis of the symptoms of the organs involved. Its treatment options include medications, speech therapy, educational assessment, surgery, etc. according to the symptoms.


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