Drug Screening Tests
A complete guide for at home drug screening test & substance abuse testing .The best place to know about drug test screening.
FDA Approved Opioid for Diabetic Neuropathy Pain
Opioid was not advised for diabetic neuropathy pain in the past. Nucynta ER is the first opioid approved by FDA for diabetic pain.
Forty-two Women Die Every Day from Drug Overdose-Report By CDC
Recent report published by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests over 42 women die every day from opioid drug overdose, which includes street narcotics and prescription opioids.
Opiate Withdrawal: Causes, Risk Factors, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, Complications
Opiate Withdrawal refers to the gamut of symptoms which an individual suffers from when drastically cutting down the amount of opiate drugs or after stopping them abruptly after a very prolonged use. Know the causes, signs, symptoms and treatment for opiate withdrawal.
Opioid Treatment Programs: Establishing the Need, Benefits, Risks, Screening Tools
Opioid Treatment Programs: Consider Opioid medications if Non-opioid Medications failed or severe side effects contraindicated medications, Physical therapy and/or Surgery has failed. Also, know the Benefits, Risks and Screening Tools.
Q and A: Effects of Opioids on Normal Breathing, Respiratory Center, Treatment
Q and A on Effects of Opioids on Normal Breathing: Opioid reduces rate of breathing and also reduces volume of air inhaled by abruptly changing inspiration to expiration. Also know about Opioid Effect on Respiratory Center, Treatment.
Q and A: Should I Take Opioid Pain Medications? Pseudoaddiction, Anxiety Disorder
Dr. Pramod Kerkar MD, FFARCSI answers questions related to Should I Take Opioid Pain Medication? Is neuropathic pain treated with Opioids? Is it possible I could be addicted to opioids?

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