What Is Furry Teeth Feeling, Causes, Way to Get Rid of it

What is Furry Teeth and What Causes It?

Furry teeth refer to a sensation of a fine roughness present on our teeth. It may be felt on just some teeth or it may affect all the teeth you are able to touch with your tongue. While in most cases, this furriness disappears after brushing and flossing, there are some cases where furry teeth tend to persist. Persistent furriness even when there are no visible cracks, chips, or any other physical damage to the teeth, is likely to be caused by plaque formation. Plaque formation is one of the most common causes of furry teeth. Plaque forms on teeth every day and proper dental hygiene is necessary to remove plaque. If you don’t remove the plaque daily, then it results in the formation of a harder substance called tartar.

Tartar cannot be removed with regular brushing and requires dental treatment to be removed. Tartar provides the ideal surface for bacteria to cling on to and cause tooth decay in the longer term. When residue from foods, beverages, and other substances stick on to the teeth, you experience this furry feeling.

What is Furry Teeth and What Causes It?

This is more likely to happen when you have sugary foods and carbonated drinks. Even cigarette smoking is likely to worsen furry teeth.

In most cases, furry teeth do not indicate any underlying disease.

Ways to Get Rid of Furry Teeth

Usually, furry teeth will go away after brushing your teeth. It is generally nothing to worry about. Let us look at some ways you can get rid of furry teeth.

Brushing your Teeth Twice

It is necessary to brush your teeth at least twice daily to get rid of furry teeth feeling. Once in the night before going to sleep, and of course, once in the morning. Some people also like to brush three times a day, once in the afternoon if there is time. It is not recommended that you brush more than thrice a day as it can cause erosion of the teeth enamel. You should make sure that you are brushing for at least 2-3 minutes every time and use a fluoride-containing toothpaste. Brush thoroughly between the gaps of the teeth and use a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent damage to your teeth.

Floss Once a Day

Simply brushing your teeth will not suffice. While brushing is effective, there will still be smaller food particles that will remain stuck in between your teeth. These food particles will eventually get covered by mucus, bacteria, and epithelial cells. The thin film that forms as a result of this allows bacteria to consume food particles easily. Therefore, to remove all particles stuck in between the teeth, you need to brush and follow it up with floss. By flossing once a day you are able to remove the particles stuck between your teeth before they form plaque. When you brush, you are unable to reach all the areas of your mouth. But flossing allows you to reach these areas as well. If you follow up your brushing and flossing with a mouthwash, then you are able to further protect your teeth and also get rid of furry teeth feeling.

Have a Balanced & Nutritious Diet

Your dental health depends a lot of what you consume on a daily basis. Having a balanced and nutritious diet ensures that apart from your body, your teeth are also getting all the nutrients that are required to maintain healthy teeth. There are also certain foods you can have that help in removing food particles from between and on your teeth. If you eat smaller meals frequently, then this makes sure there is an increase in saliva production. Saliva is known to have antimicrobial effects and helps keeps your mouth and teeth bacteria-free.

You should ideally opt for having food that is not processed too much. The more refined a food is, the more it will cause cavities and tooth decay. Fibrous foods such as celery will help remove food particles and also get rid of furry teeth feeling. Also control the intake of refined carbohydrates such as sweet baked goods, chocolates, and candy.

Do Not Miss that Dentist Appointment

You should visit your dentist at least twice in a year. You will not be able to detect cavities or tooth decay by yourself at home. And many times cavities and tooth decay present with no symptoms. There are also many orodental diseases that may be detected by your dentist during your routine checkups. As it is not possible to remove tartar with brushing or flossing, your dentist will be able to perform a cleaning treatment to get rid of tartar, such as scaling. You will not be able to detect plaque and tartar, even if you have perfectly good and healthy looking teeth.

Opt for a Dental Sealant

One of the most effective methods of preventing furry teeth and also preventing the harmful effects of tartar is to get a dentist to apply a dental sealant over your teeth. However, a dental sealant is not suitable for everyone, so your dentist will be the best person to guide you on whether or not a dental sealant is a viable option for your teeth. A dental sealant is a thin plastic film that the dentist paints over the chewing surfaces of some of your teeth that are most at risk from cavities and decay. Do keep in mind though that you will still need to practice good dental hygiene and routine in order to prevent cavities and tooth decay.

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