The Hidden Danger of Chronic Pain & Ways to Fight it

Pain is an indication that the body needs extra care as something is not right. Chronic pain is often the result of inflammation. Just as there are many causes of chronic pain, the hidden danger of chronic pain can also result in various conditions, some of which can be severe. Knowing about the hidden danger of chronic pain can help to fight it.

Chronic pain can be accompanied with swelling, redness and heat. Using conventional medicine, pain can be reduced for the time being. When there is chronic pain, you need to know that there could be multiple factors triggering the pain. With proper care, the most appropriate treatment after medical advice is also essential.

The Hidden Danger of Chronic Pain

The Hidden Danger of Chronic Pain

Having pain is normal and every one of us, go through pain sometime or other. Some causes of chronic pain may be related to medical conditions, while some may arise out of simple causes. The hidden danger of chronic pain could hint at anything ranging from posture related problems and dietary factors to joint problems and conditions affecting the internal parts.

Here are the common dangers of chronic pain that can indicate the possibility of some conditions:

  • Many of us experience pain across the rib area and legs. From the commonest possible causes, this chronic pain could be due to a condition called fibromyalgia. The hidden danger of chronic pain of such type can affect the nerves, causing nerve compression and symptoms related to it.
  • Chronic pain across your stomach or liver area may hint at development of ulcers, cysts or something similar to that. We may tend to gulp down painkillers to feel better, without even seeking medical advice. If serious problems are left unattended, it can only worsen the situation. The hidden danger of chronic pain around your stomach could be liver abscess, stomach and liver tumors or something similar.
  • When you have chronic pain in spinal area and neck, avoid putting undue pressure on your spinal nerve and spinal cord. These structures are delicate and the hidden danger of chronic pain can hint towards serious problems like spinal deformities. Chronic pain in the spinal area and neck can be triggered due to bone spurs, spinal stenosis, herniated discbulging disc and degenerative disc disease as well.
  • We tend to consume over the counter drugs to deal with pain but hardly do we realize that they will only curb the pain and not treat the cause. So instead of consuming drug we should concentrate on seeking medical advice and treating the underlying cause. Taking pain killers and stopping the pain, will postpone the actual treatment and can worsen the underlying condition. Another important hidden danger of pain can also include an increased risk of side effects of medicines, particularly those taken without prescription.
  • Chronic pain can put you in such mental health where you may go through the phase of clinical depression. While chronic pain could be in your leg, neck or arm, it can increase the risk of emotional imbalance and depression. Sleep disturbances, increased stress and inability to manage long term pain can put you at risk of serious hidden dangers of chronic pain. Disturbed emotional health can not only affect the overall health but also affect your performance, behavior and social relationships.

Ways to Fight Hidden Danger of Chronic Pain

Here are some of the ways to fight hidden danger of chronic pain.

Appropriate Nutrition

Nutritional imbalance can promote inflammation which in turn can trigger chronic pain. Providing appropriate nutrition is one of the best ways to fight hidden danger of chronic pain. Your nutritional need won’t remain same all through, it would be fluctuating, so it’s better to have routine check up and customize food accordingly. Food should be loaded with adequate amount of vitamin A and K, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium.

Manage Food Sensitivities

Sometimes gluten, soy and dairy items trigger low-grade chronic inflammation. Avoiding specific foods and foods that contain preservatives, allergens or other substances that are not tolerated well, can help to fight the hidden danger of chronic pain. Similarly, food with pesticides can be harmful and must be avoided.

Promote Physical Activity

Lack of activity can further worsen the problem of chronic pain and increase the chances of complications. Adequate physical movement is needed to ensure all the internal organs and limbs working in better condition, which can help fight the hidden danger of chronic pain.

Fight Infections

Even subtle infections in gums, skin and intestine may cause chronic inflammation. Staying away from infections, having healthy food and taking necessary precautions can help to a great extent.

Control Stress and Poor Lifestyle

When you lead a poor lifestyle or when you are undergoing trauma and stress on regular basis, you are at risk of chronic pain. Habits like smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary choices play an important role in triggering pain conditions. Managing stress, relaxing yourself and leading a healthy lifestyle can help to keep the hidden danger of pain at bay.

Manage Hormonal Imbalances

A common reason that can trigger pain and inflammation is hormonal imbalance. There are organs like testicles, thyroid, ovaries which trigger inadequate production of hormone. Treating hormone imbalance can help to manage chronic pain.

Treat Genetic Susceptibilities

We all are different and so is our genetic variations which permit toxin build up. When toxins increase it causes inflammation in tissues which affects healing and cause chronic pain. However genetic weaknesses can very well be tested, concluded and managed with appropriate treatment options.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:January 12, 2018

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