Is Mittelschmerz A Serious Condition?

Mittelschmerz is a word derived from German language and it literally implies middle pain. Doctors also call it painful ovulation. Accordingly, a woman suffers from pelvic pain during her Mittelschmerz i.e. midpoint of her menstrual cycle or two weeks before the beginning of her period. The discomfort takes place on any particular side of the lower abdominal area depending solely on the specific ovary is responsible to produce the egg or ovum. Pain may take place at a particular side of the woman’s lower abdomen in a particular month but may switch to other side on the following cycle.

Common Symptoms Of Mittelschmerz

If you are experiencing pain related to Mittelschmerz or ovulation pain, it may occur in different forms, which include the following-

  • Occurrence of the pain at a particular side of your lower abdomen i.e. the pain takes place at either side.
  • Pain takes place midway between your two different menstrual period i.e. at the time of your ovulation (calculation is according to your menstrual cycle).
  • Pain takes place on a monthly basis and it lasts for any time from only few hours to up to 2days to 3days.

Is Mittelschmerz A Serious Condition?

Is Mittelschmerz A Serious Condition?

Mittelschmerz is not a serious condition. About 20 percent of women experience Mittelschmerz or ovulation pain and in many cases, it remains as a mild annoyance. In contrast, in some instances, the pain becomes unbearable. Positively, a woman experiencing severe pain may easily undergo treatment and follow home remedies to deal with her condition and get immediate relief.

If any woman is suffering from Mittelschmerz in the moderate or severe level, she may consider intake of an anti-inflammatory medicine. In most of the cases, doctors recommend for over-the-counter type of pain relievers, also known as anti-inflammatory drugs. On the other side, in case of Mittelschmerz in its severe form, health experts suggest for birth control pills or oral contraceptive pills, which play major role of avoiding ovulation and in turn, stopping the pain to take place.

NSAIDs And Other Home Remedies

An effective way to get immediate relief from the symptoms related to Mittelschmerz is to intake various non-steroidal type of anti-inflammatory medicines. You may easily get ibuprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen without any prescription and prove to be effective to block the prostaglandins effect. Depending on your condition, you may opt to continue with your medicine, as you want. However, if you do not get relieve from the pain with a specific medicine, you should try for another one, as each of the medicines vary among women based on their overall effectiveness. Along with NSAIDs, you should try out a few common techniques to relieve your pelvic area pain, such as apply a heating pad to the pain area. Alternatively, you may opt to apply a cold ice bag, also known as a cold compress to deal with your condition. Other than this, you make sure taking warm or hot bath, especially during your ovulation period.


To conclude, we should say that Mittelschmerz condition becomes serious in rare cases and even it takes place, you may easily overcome your condition with medicines and common techniques, like warm bath/hot bath and heating pad.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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