Natural Remedies For Mittelschmerz

About 20% of women experience Mittelschmerz i.e. middle pain which happens during mid-menstrual cycle each month. The pain occurs because of rupture of follicles releasing fluid and blood which irritates the abdomen.

Natural Remedies For Mittelschmerz

Natural Remedies For Mittelschmerz

Here are some natural remedies to alleviate Mittelschmerz:

Green Tea. It is common to find green tea at home when taken during Mittelschmerz; it comforts the body and improves reproductive health.

Consume Fluids. During Mittelschmerz, the body is sluggish or fatigued and dehydrated resulting in cramping. Drinking lots of water, other drinks and beverages can help fight Mittelschmerz. It helps in relieving discomfort associated with menstruation and ovulation.

Evening Primrose Oil. It has been traditionally used as a natural remedy to relieve Mittelschmerz. It is composed of GLA and certain fatty acids to balance the level of hormones. It lubricates mucous membranes and increases the cervical fluidity.

Omega 3s. It is present in walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, salmon, mackerel, etc. There are a number of health benefits which is not limited to the reduction of pain and discomfort during the ovulation process. It reduces inflammation, bloating, cramps, and associated symptoms.

Saw Palmetto Extract. 4-6 drops of this extract can help stimulate the ovulation process, thus reducing Mittelschmerz and discomfort. Regular consumption of Saw palmetto extract helps in relieving the symptoms.

Exercise. The thought of physical activity and exercise may be disturbing for the women experiencing Mittelschmerz but in reality, physical activity helps in stretching of the muscles which is causing painful cramps and discomfort. Activities such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming can help in releasing endorphins which signals the brain to stop pain signals.

Heat Compresses. The painful ovulation results in abdominal spasms. The ovulation process produces strain on the body resulting in cramps, muscle pain, and discomfort. A hot press during this period can be of great help in relieving symptoms of Mittelschmerz. The heat increases blood circulation in the region and reduces the pain. A warm wet cloth or hot packs can be placed on the painful area i.e. lower abdomen. The heat relaxes the sore muscles with an increased flow of blood and reduces cramps.

Alternate hot and cold packs can also be used to relax the strained muscles. Taking a warm water bath will also be useful to soothe sore muscles. Having long warm showers can alleviate pain and discomfort during Mittelschmerz.

Chamomile Tea. It is usually taken to get peaceful sleep. The side-effects of chamomile tea include drowsiness, so the best time to consume Chamomile tea is the night. Chamomile is known to have amino acids which relax muscles and hence reduces painful cramps and contractions.

Essential Oils. Application of warm essential oils such as Lavender oil, basil oil, chamomile oil, and other oils when massaged on the abdominal areas can increase the circulation of blood

Spices. Consumption of spices increases body heat which helps in fighting pain during Mittelschmerz. Spices such as cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger can be of great help.

Chaste Berry. It can be consumed in the form of powder or liquid. Chaste berry helps in regulating pituitary gland and production of hormones. The effects on painful menstruation can be observed after a couple of months.

Leaf Of Red Raspberry. When used in combination with peppermint it promotes fertility in women by controlling insulin levels and regulation of blood vessels.

Red Clover. This ingredient is basically used for preventing painful menstruation due to irregular menses. It is rich in isoflavones which boosts fertility.

Green Leafy Vegetables. They are rich in calcium and magnesium producing the diuretic effect and reduce bloating during ovulation. Leafy vegetables are rich in fiber which reduces feelings of bloating and constipation.

Avoid high-fat, high-calorie and heavily processed foods, stay away from alcohol, and other dehydrating agents and take lots of rest to alleviate the symptoms of Mittelschmerz.


A number of natural home remedies are available to control the symptoms of Mittelschmerz including but not limited to green tea, chamomile tea, spices, omega-3 fatty acids, EPO, exercise and warm water baths. Try these options at the onset of Mittelschmerz to get relief.

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