What Is The Diet For Mittelschmerz?

What Is The Diet For Mittelschmerz?

Women who are diagnosed with Mittelschmerz can take OTC analgesic medications. Women can help themselves minimize the symptoms of Mittelschmerz with the help of diet and some health tips:

What Is The Diet For Mittelschmerz?

Spices And Condiments. Cayenne pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger when consumed in the diet can produce heat in the body. The heat produced relaxes abdominal muscles relaxing cramps and sore muscles. The spices also increase the flow of blood providing relief from discomfort.

Cinnamon is a secret ingredient which possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property. It is also found to be effective in treating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Cinnamon can be used by sprinkling on cereal, yogurt, or toast. It can be used one teaspoon each day. Consult your doctor before consumption.

Vegetables. Include radishes, turnips, and rutabaga in the diet for a peppery taste. It is rich in folic acid, vitamin C and fiber. Kale is a green leafy vegetable which contains indole-3 carbinol which can be useful in relieving symptoms of Mittelschmerz

Buckwheat. It contains D-chiro-inositol. This ingredient decreases the levels of insulin and testosterone which helps in promoting ovulation.

Eggs. It is a common ingredient used in day-to-day activities. It contains an absorbable form of proteins which can help in ovulation. It can be consumed as scrambled, poached, an omelet.

Fluids. Include lots of fluids, water, beverages or fruit juices. Keep your body hydrated all the time to prevent discomfort while painful ovulation.

Turmeric Tea. this is a simple tea wherein you can add turmeric, and a pinch of ginger to the tea and enjoy the benefits.

Green Tea. a couple of cups of green tea in a tea can be useful in in preventing painful ovulation.

A warm water bath can be of great help as it relaxes the muscles reducing the pain and cramps. Adding Epsom salt will be an added benefit as it contains magnesium and relieves pain symptoms. Having a bath during such time may be difficult; one can also use microwavable hot bags or normal hot packs and place it on the abdomen.

Apart from the warm water bath, yoga and gentle exercises help in alleviating pain symptoms.

Mittelschmerz is a German word meaning “middle pain,” It refers to painful ovulation which happens during the mid-cycle. Ovulation is a good thing which happens every month; it is a sign of fertility and good health. Women experiencing Mittelschmerz often visit doctors to help with the painful ovulation. Doctors prescribe contraceptive pills to reduce the abdominal pain. But in reality, suppressing ovulation is not good and can have an adverse impact on health. Ovulation is a natural process which should not be suppressed. It is important to find the exact cause of menstrual pain before looking out for treatment options, doctors advise to check the timing of the pain and the pattern of abdominal pain. Women will have a long or short menstrual cycle and it is not a compulsion that each menstrual cycle egg release should be on 14th day itself. But it is true that menses starts after 14 days of ovulation. The Mittelschmerz can be felt as a sharp or dull pain.

Mittelschmerz can be differentiated from other pains and syndromes by marking your calendar with the dates and the position of the pain whether it is right abdominal side or left the abdominal side. This will help in making a correlation between ovulation and discomfort. Many people who are planning to conceive will keep a chart of ovulation and make an ovulation calendar. This will help in analyzing the problem whether it is Mittelschmerz, endometriosis or abnormal cysts. Women who are between 15 and 29 are at increased risk of developing Mittelschmerz and it is more common in the black and Hispanic population.


The symptoms of Mittelschmerz can be alleviated by including spices and special teas, which increases body warmth providing a soothing experience. Vegetables such as kale, radishes, turnips and rutabaga contain ingredients which help in modulating ovulation and pain.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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