Enlarged Prostate in Young Men: Symptoms, Causes, Natural Remedies, Complications

Enlarged Prostate or Prostate Enlargement is a pathological condition of the genitourinary system in which the prostate gland gets swollen and inflamed. This condition is also referred by the name of Prostatitis or benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The function of the prostate gland is to produce semen utilized in reproduction. When there is an Enlarged Prostate the swelling that caused starts to put pressure on the urethra and this limits the flow of urine.

Enlarged prostate or prostate enlargement is normally seen in people above the age of 50 years of age and it is very rare in individual in the age range of 20-40 years. In case if there is an enlarged prostate in a young man then it is something that is a cause for concern, as it may impact the flow of urine along with a host of other problems like kidney dysfunction, bladder infection, and frequent urinary tract infections in men.

Enlarged prostate is a precursor to prostate cancer and people with enlarged prostate in majority of the cases end up with prostate cancer and hence it is more of a concern when enlarged prostate occurs in young men. This article gives you a brief overview of some of the symptoms of Enlarged Prostate in Young Men.

Enlarged Prostate in Young Men

What are the Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate in Young Men?

The symptoms of enlarged prostate in young men may begin with difficulty with urination in the early stages of the disease condition and if not appropriately diagnosed and promptly treated different types of complications may arise based on the extent of the inflammation and the severity of the condition. Enlarged prostate in young men may not be evident clearly but gradually advances over a period of time which may be months to years before an individual can actually feel the symptoms. Some of the common symptoms which may point towards an enlarged prostate in young men are:

Poor Urinary Stream: An individual with an Enlarged Prostate will have symptoms of poor urinary stream. This is due to the urethra being strangled by the Enlarged Prostate. Not only will the individual have a poor urinary stream, he will also feel that he has not completely emptied the bladder and will also have pain with urination.
Incomplete Bladder Emptying: Since Enlarged Prostate causes the urethra to get strangled and under a lot of pressure not all the urine that is collected in the bladder is able to flow through the urethra resulting in incomplete voiding. This results in an individual to go to the bathroom more times than normal and still have a sensation that he has not completely emptied the bladder.

Leakage of Urine: When the urethra is strangled by the enlarged prostate and the individual is not able to completely void then some amount of urine is still left in the bladder which completely fills again and since not much of urine is able to go through the urethra it leads to frequent urine leakage due to increased urinary urgency.

Urinary Hesitancy: This is yet another common symptom for enlarged prostate in young men. Whenever you will go to the bathroom to void, it will take quite a while for the urine to come out. This condition is called urinary hesitance is a common symptom for Enlarged Prostate.

Nocturia: This is a condition in which individual has to wake up at night to void. While it may be common to void once at night but when it happens frequently and up to four or more times at night then it definitely points towards the symptom of enlarged prostate in young men.

Urinary Dribbling: This is yet another symptom of enlarged prostate in young men. In this condition, the individual may unknowingly pass drops of urine soiling the undergarments and sometimes the urinary urgency may be so much that by the time the individual gets to the bathroom some urine gets spilled.

Increased Urinary Frequency: This happens as the enlarged prostate compresses the urethra and the flow of the urine gets obstructed which results in more and more urine been accumulated in the bladder which results in the individual needing to go to the bathroom frequently to urinate.

Inability to Control the Urge to Urinate: In cases of enlarged prostate in young men, the individual will have such an urge to urinate that by the time he reaches to the bathroom to void some of the urine has already dribbled out.

Urinary Straining: This is yet another symptom of Enlarged Prostate. In this condition, as the urethra is compresses and not much urine is able to pass through it, it becomes that much harder for the individual to void and he has to strain intensely for urine to come out. This may be quite painful.

Pain with Urination: Enlarged Prostate causes pain when urination and is a common symptom of this condition.

Pus in Urine: In advanced cases of Enlarged Prostate, there will be pus noted when an individual urinates. When this happens, it is certain that the individual has an Enlarged Prostate and quite medical attention is required.

Hematuria: This is yet another symptom of Enlarged Prostate. When the condition is in the advanced stage, hematuria may be observed in the affected individual.

Urinary Burning: This can also be a symptom of Enlarged Prostate. While urinating, the individual may experience a burning sensation every time he voids.

What are the Causes of Enlarged Prostate in Young Men?

What exactly causes Enlarged Prostate is clearly not known but studies suggest that a change in male sex hormones may be a cause of this condition. This usually occurs in older people. For Enlarged Prostate in Young Men, the primary causes according to studies can be genetic causes, any prior history of testicular abnormalities or some abnormal hormonal changes.

What are Some of the Complications of Enlarged Prostate in Young Men?

An Enlarged Prostate in Young Men may result in quite a bit of problems for the individual. Apart from all the complications that an untreated Enlarged Prostate presents like kidney disorders, frequent urinary tract infections, and the like the individual will also have problems engaging in sexual activities. It may also cause infertility in young men due to inappropriate production of sperms as a result of Enlarged Prostate. If there is complete blockage of the urethra due to Enlarged Prostate then a catheter might have to be used for draining out the urine from the bladder as it may lead to infections.

Natural Remedies for Enlarged Prostate in Young Men

While appropriate medical attention is an absolute necessity in treating enlarged prostate, there are quite a few natural remedies that one can try to control symptoms of enlarged prostate in y9oung men. These home remedies are:

Time Voids: It is quite an effective natural remedy to control the symptoms of enlarged prostate. Even if you do not feel an urge to void try going to the bathroom every half an hour to try to void. This will not only control urinary urgency but will also release pressure from the bladder and urethra quite significantly.

Void Whenever the Need Arises: Do not try to control the urge for urination. This causes extra stress to the bladder and urethra especially in cases of enlarged prostate. Thus, voiding whenever you feel the urge to do so is a natural remedy to control urinary urgency due to enlarged prostate in young men.

Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking lot of water eliminates bacteria from the urethra and also soothes the bladder and hence is quite an effective natural remedy for controlling the symptoms of enlarged prostate in young men.

Exercise Regularly: This is also quite an effective natural remedy for enlarged prostate. It not only eases the pressure in the urethra but also helps with symptoms of Enlarged Prostate in young men. The best exercise for this condition is known as the Kegel exercise. This exercise goes a long way in calming down the inflammation of the prostate gland and treat enlarged prostate in young men.

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