Can One Have Normal Sex After Prostate Surgery?

The frontline treatment for Prostate Cancer is a surgery called prostatectomy. In this procedure, the whole prostate is removed along with seminal vesicles, which also produce seminal fluid, are resected. This creates a doubt among males about how their sex life would be after the surgery. Thus they are not too keen to have surgery for Prostate Cancer and rely more on radiation and chemotherapy even though surgery is the best bet when treating this condition.

In prostatectomy when the prostate gland is removed and the seminal vesicles are cut off there is no buildup of seminal fluid. This results in the man having a dry climax during sex which decreases the sense of orgasm. The main reason why many patients try and avoid prostate surgery is because they do not want to be rendered impotent.

To understand whether an individual can have a normal sex life after prostatectomy it is important to understand the three major aspects of a normal sex life

  • Being able to ejaculate seminal fluid
  • Able to have a full erection during sex for a substantial period of time
  • Having a sense of pleasure during orgasm

Now how does Prostate Surgery impact these three factors is what decides whether an individual can enjoy normal sex after prostate surgery the way he used to before it. After prostatectomy, there is no seminal fluid so the individual will not ejaculate.

However this does not mean that the pleasure that comes along with orgasm goes down. In fact a lot of people even after Prostate Surgery are able to have and maintain erection just like they used to before surgery.

Can One Have Normal Sex after Prostate Surgery?

When speaking about having a normal sex life after prostate surgery, it is important to look at the data compiled in various journals about this topic. The data says that age plays a critical role when it comes to determining the potency of an individual. With age the nerves and arteries providing blood and nourishment to the sex organs become narrow leading to poor blood flow. This affects the capability of an individual to be able to have and maintain erection.

The second factor is what nerves were cut off during the prostate surgery. There are two nerves which increase or decrease the potency of an individual. If these nerves are cut off during surgery then the individual will be more or less impotent; however, in most cases these nerves are spared such that the individual is able to have normal sex life after prostate surgery just like before the operation.

The data suggests that a normal individual with no predisposing factors or other underlying illness has a potency rate of about 90% without use of medications after prostate surgery. Additionally, about 90% of people say that they have orgasm similar to before surgery and the other 10 feel it is less satisfying than before surgery.

To summarize, if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer and have fears of becoming impotent after undergoing prostate surgery, which is by far the best cure for this disease, then you can be at ease. The chances of you becoming impotent or not have a normal sex life is extremely low and in all likelihood you will be having normal erections and will have a satisfying sex life even after surgery just like you had before being diagnosed with prostate cancer. For some patients medications like Viagra may be of help but normally this is not required.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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