Can Testicular Failure Be Cured?

Testicular failure is also known as male hypogonadism. According to some, testicular failure is a cause of hypogonadism. It is a rare condition wherein the body is unable to produce required amount of testosterone or sperm, or both. Testosterone plays a very important role in growth and development in males during puberty.

Testicular failure is classified into two types- primary and secondary.

Can Testicular Failure Be Cured?

Can Testicular Failure Be Cured?

There are many forms of testicular failure which cannot be cured. Testosterone hormone replacement therapy (TRT) may help relieve the symptoms. However, fertility might still be an issue.

The treatment for testicular failure or male hypogonadism depends largely on the cause of the failure. It also depends on whether one affected is concerned about fertility or not. Also, the treatment may be different for adults and boys.

Treatment for testicular failure in adults-

In adults, the treatment depends on the cause and the concern about infertility.

Hormone Replacement Therapy-

  • Doctors recommend testosterone hormone replacement therapy which is a hormone replacement therapy for hypogonadism that is a result of testicular failure. Those who are on this treatment may feel a surge in sex drive, erectile functioning, energy and they generally feel healthy.
  • If the cause of the hypogonadism is a problem related to the functioning of the pituitary gland, then pituitary hormones may be given. These hormones may help in encouraging sperm production and they may also help in establishing fertility again.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy is usually considered when one is not concerned about fertility.
  • In case of the cause being a pituitary tumor or cancer, the tumor may have to be removed surgically or other treatment methods like chemotherapy, radio therapy may have to be considered.
  • Replacement of other hormones is also an option depending on the cause of the testicular failure.

Assisted Reproduction-

If a person is suffering from primary hypogonadism, it is usually not possible to restore fertility in such cases. In these cases, assisted reproduction techniques might be helpful. These methods help those couples to conceive who are unable to conceive otherwise, with the help of different techniques.

Treatment For Testicular Failure In Boys-

In boys, if the failure occurs before puberty, it can be treated with testosterone replacement therapy. This treatment can help trigger puberty and also help in development of secondary sex characters like muscle built up, beard growth and pubic hair growth. Also, the growth of penis can be stimulated.

In the initial phase of the treatment, a low dose of testosterone is administered and then gradually the dose is increased. This somehow mimics the actual puberty growth process.

Pituitary hormones can be administered to encourage testicle growth.

Different Types Of Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are various methods by which testosterone can be delivered in the body. The choice of method depends on several factors like one’s preference, the side effects and also the cost of the treatment. Some methods are-

Injection- injections are safe and a very effective way of delivering testosterone. The injections are given intramuscular. The frequency of injections and the dosage will affect the symptoms.

Patch- in this method, a patch which contains testosterone, is applied on the body at any of the places out of these- back, thigh, abdomen or upper arm. The place of the patch is kept changing so that the skin doesn’t show any adverse signs of attaching the patch to the same place repeatedly.

Gel- the gels containing testosterone are administered through different methods like applying or pumping etc. once the gel dries; the testosterone is absorbed in the body. However, one shortfall is that one may transfer gel to another person through contact.

Nasal- this is another method which uses gel.

Testicular failure is considered as a cause of male hypogonadism by some, while others treat both as different diseases. Testicular failure is an uncommon disease and is difficult and challenging to cure.

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