What Is The Recovery Time For Prolapsed Bladder Surgery?

What Do We Mean By Prolapsed Bladder?

Prolapsed Bladder is a pathological condition seen in females which occurs as a result of a weak vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles. The bladder of a female is supported by the vaginal wall and due to age and extreme stress such as when delivering a baby, this vaginal wall tends to get weak and loose. When this occurs, the vaginal wall is not able to support the bladder anymore as a result of which the bladder starts to go downwards. This is what is termed as a Prolapsed Bladder.

Prolapsed Bladder is seen mostly in postmenopausal females as females of a reproductive age produce a hormone called estrogen which supports the vaginal wall and makes it strong thus preventing the bladder from prolapsing. Once the female reaches postmenopausal state they stop producing estrogen which makes the vaginal wall further weak and loose ultimately causing Prolapsed Bladder.

Prolapsed Bladder is divided into four categories which are mild, moderate, severe, and complete. While the first two categories require minimal treatment, the latter two categories normally require surgery to reposition the bladder in its normal anatomical position and pelvic floor and vaginal wall strengthening exercises are recommended. Once a female undergoes surgery for a Prolapsed Bladder, then the recovery time is what decides when the individual will be able to start physical therapy.

What Is The Recovery Time For Prolapsed Bladder Surgery?

Recovery Time Following Prolapsed Bladder Surgery

Normally after a Prolapsed Bladder surgery, the patient is discharged on the same day of surgery but in some cases they may have to stay for a bit longer. Once surgery for a Prolapsed Bladder is completed, normally it takes roughly around two to four weeks for the female to get back to normal activities. However, it depends on the age, overall health of the patient, and the level of activity that decides how soon a patient will be able to go back to normal activities after the surgery to correct prolapsed bladder.

In cases where the bladder has completely prolapsed then it may take upwards of four to six months for the individual to completely recover from the surgery for a Prolapsed Bladder.

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