Is Black Discharge from Vagina a Common Phenomenon?

Vaginal Discharge is quite common among females especially among those who fall in the child bearing age. These vaginal discharges may be of different colors and textures. Sometimes, females experience a Black Discharge from Vagina. This is something which is not common and usually does not happen. Black Discharge from Vagina usually occurs due to some leftover blood after menstruation or embryo implantation.

Having a Black Discharge from Vagina a few days prior to menstruation or some days after a menstrual period can be termed as normal but if it happens in between periods then it is a cause of concern. It may also be caused due to a foreign body like a tampon or a condom. If Black Discharge from Vagina happens suddenly then it may indicate potentially serious medical condition which may include cervical cancer and needs emergent medical attention and the individual should consult with her gynecologist immediately. Before learning about what can cause black discharge from vagina and how is it treated, let us now when can a female experience black vaginal discharge.

What Can Cause Black Discharge from Vagina & How is it Treated

When Can a Female Experience a Black Discharge from Vagina?

Black Discharge from Vagina normally occurs:

  • A few days prior to the onset of menstrual cycle indicating normal blood flow.
  • A few days after the menstrual period has ended due to some leftover blood and is perfectly normal
  • If Black Discharge from Vagina occurs in the middle of menstrual period then it may indicate conditions like inflammation, sexually transmitted diseases, or other issues with the cervix and vagina.

What Can Cause Black Discharge from Vagina?

Below mentioned are some of the causes of Black Discharge from Vagina:

Black Discharge from Vagina Caused Due to Implantation Bleeding

It is common for a Black Discharge from Vagina to occur about six to twelve post fertilization of the egg. This happens when the embryo gets attached to the uterine lining. This process is called implantation. After fertilization, some blood may pass down to vagina through cervix during implantation but since it takes some time to reach the vagina it comes out as a Black Discharge from Vagina.

Black Discharge from Vagina Caused Due to Foreign Body

A foreign body inside the vagina may also result in black vaginal discharge. This foreign object could be a tampon or a condom. Black discharge from vagina caused due to this reason will have a foul odor. There will also be accompanying vaginal discomfort along with an overall sense of being unwell. Some females might even develop fever and may have painful urination. Black vaginal discharge due to a foreign body needs to be treated by a gynecologist who will first identify the object and the location of it and then remove it. If it is not done as soon as you observe a foul smelling black discharge from vagina then it may result in complications or infections which may require further aggressive treatments.

Cervical Cancer

This is perhaps the most serious cause for Black Discharge from Vagina. Cervical Cancer develops in the upper portion of Vagina which opens in the uterus. This form of cancer is more deadly since it spreads slowly and remains undetected for a long period of time until it spreads to other parts of the body. Thus if a female has a black discharge from vagina then cervical cancer must be ruled out by conducting appropriate tests and radiological studies.

Black Vaginal Discharge may also occur because of certain other medical condition like pelvic infection postsurgery, Cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometritis.

When Should One Contact a Medical Professional for Black Discharge from Vagina?

As stated Black Discharge from Vagina during the middle of a menstrual period is unusual and is a cause for concern. It is important to see the doctor immediately if the following occur:

  • Abundance of black discharge from vagina
  • Black discharge from vagina lasting for more than a couple of days
  • Increased frequency of black vaginal discharge
  • Presence of other symptoms like fever, malaise, pain in the abdomen, tingling in abdomen, painful urination, burning or itchiness in vagina
  • Black discharge from vagina in postmenopausal females.

How is Black Discharge from Vagina Treated?

The treatment of Black Discharge from Vagina depends on the cause of it. If the discharge is related to a foreign body inside the vagina then it may be treated with removal of the foreign object. Black Discharge from Vagina caused due to pregnancy does not require treatment and stops on its own as the pregnancy progresses. Black Discharge from Vagina caused due to conditions like sexually transmitted diseases and the like can be taken care of once the underlying condition is treated. If cervical cancer is found to be the reason behind Black Discharge from Vagina then aggressive treatments in the form of radiation therapy and chemotherapy is done depending on the extent that the cancer has spread. It is also important to eat healthy and maintain an active lifestyle and staying away from unprotected sex to stay healthy and keep Black Discharge from Vagina at bay.

Home Remedies for Black Discharge from Vagina

Below mentioned are some of the home remedies for Black Discharge from Vagina

  • If Black Discharge from Vagina is due to menstrual issues, regularising menses can help. Parsley juice is an effective home remedy which facilitates normal menses and helps treat Black Discharge from Vagina. Along with parsley, beetroot, carrot, and cucumber juice also help.
  • If Black Discharge from Vagina is caused due to stress, exercise in the form of yoga and meditation might help. Certain yoga asanas are particularly effective in normal functioning of female reproductive organs. Yoga can help in the well-being of vaginal and pelvic health.
  • Amla along with honey is also an effective home remedy for Black Discharge from Vagina
  • Banana and milk is also quite helpful in getting rid of black vaginal discharge.

To summarize, if you have Black Discharge from Vagina and are not sure about the cause of it then it is always better to consult a gynecologist who will try and identify a cause for the discharge and come up with a treatment plan for you to get rid of Black Discharge from Vagina.

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