Side-Swipe Car Accidents: An Overview

Accidents can happen any time and can at times be severe enough to cause significant injuries and even death. Side-Swipe car accident is one type of accident which may cause serious injuries like significant neck and back injuries and may require surgeries in certain cases.


A Side-Swipe car accident occurs when a car collides with another vehicle side-by-side. Side-Swipe car accidents can also occur where one vehicle is involved, or when a car collides with an object from side. Such a type of accident usually occurs while a vehicle is changing lanes or where an inattentive motorist drifts in to your lane. In a side-swipe car accident, vehicles that are struck, can be forced off the road, in to traffic barriers or even in to other traffic and sometimes can cause real devastating results.

Side-Swipe car accidents can also occur when a driver is trying to keep safe from a rear-end collision and in this meantime collides to the side of the adjacent motor vehicle and results in side-swipe accidents.


Common Injuries in a Side-Swipe Car Accident

Common Injuries in a Side-Swipe Car Accident:

Here below are some of the common injuries that may occur in a side-swipe car accident.


  1. Disc Injuries:

    One of the most common severe injuries in a side-swipe car accident can be a disc injury. Typical symptoms of disc injuries may include neck pain, headaches, heaviness and pain in arm, tingling and numbness in the hands or limbs, radiating pain in to the arms, fingers and hands, nausea, blurry vision, lower back pain, radiating pain in to the legs, feet etc.

    Apart from all these symptoms, a person suffering from a disc injury may also experience loss of sleep, loss of range of motion and also irritability. One may also experience a feeling of electric shock pain, weakness in muscles, tingling and numbness, radiating pain and bowel or bladder issues etc.; especially in case of a herniated disc where there is a rupture in the spinal disc or when a portion of the disc pushes out of the vertebrae.

    Disc injuries may require an MRI scan to be properly diagnosed. MRI can detect a disc injury, nerve compression or a herniated disc. Rest, Ice and heat application, physical therapy etc, along with taking of NSAIDs or the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, steroidal injections in to the area of nerve compression etc; may be required to treat disc injuries. Even, disc replacement may be required in most severe cases of disc injuries.

  2. Neck and Back Injuries:

    Yet another common side-swipe car accident injuries are neck and back injury. There may be minor to severe neck and back injuries in a side-swipe car accident. These are in fact the most common types of injuries in a side-swipe car accident.

  3. Whiplash-Type Injuries In A Side-Swipe Car Accident:

    There may also be some whiplash-type injuries to the victim of a side-swipe car accident, where the soft tissues of a person's neck, back or any other portions are stretched beyond their normal range of motion.

  4. Minor Injuries in a Side-Swipe Car Accident:

    The minor injuries in a side-swipe car accident may include minor trauma to one side of the victim's body. Sometimes there may also be minor neck injuries too.

  5. Other Injuries in a Side-Swipe Car Accident:

    Some other injuries in a side-swipe car accident may include injuries to legs, injuries to internal organs, and sometimes severe trauma which may be life-threatening, especially when the car collides with a static object like a tree, an electric pole etc.

Side-Swipe Car Accidents and Personal Injury Lawyer:

If you have been one of the sufferer in a side-swipe car accident, you may require the help from a personal injury lawyer who can help you legally to get compensation for recovering from your medical treatment bills, rehabilitation, and loss of property due to the fault of the other party in the accident. You must consult with an expert personal injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer to know more about your legal rights, in case you or your dear ones have met with a side-swipe car accident.

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