Common Injuries in Head-On Collision & Role of Personal Injury Lawyers in Head-On Collision

There are a lot of car accidents occurring everyday everywhere. One of the most frightening types of car accident or motor vehicle collision is a head-on collision. This article will revolve around some of the common injuries sustained in head-on collision and also talk about the role of personal injury lawyers in head-on collision related injuries. This would be a beneficial read for you.

Common Injuries in Head-On Collision

Overview on the Topic:

Head-on collision is also called as Frontal collision. This is defined as one collision in which the front end of a vehicle comes in contact with the front end of another vehicle and the two vehicles crash together. Usually speed is the major cause of such types of head-on collision. The crash may be between two cars or car and truck or any other vehicles. Some head-on collisions may also include a vehicle colliding straight at a tree or an electric pole. Such types of collisions are perhaps one of the most frightening collisions and may cause some major injuries including life threatening conditions and even death.

We will know about the causes of such head-on collision and also talk about the types of common injuries which occur due to the head-on collisions.

Causes of Head-On Collision:

Usually rural roads are a frequent location of head-on collisions. However, neighbourhood roads and most other median also are common locations where head-on collisions occur. Thought the type of road can cause such a head-on collision; there are also some other causes for the same. Below we have mentioned some of the causes of head-on collisions.

  • Distracted Driving Often Causes Head-On Collision
  • Fatigue Driving. Where the driver meets with a driver’s fatigue condition
  • Failure to Maintain Control Over The Vehicle Due to Speed or Brake Malfunction Can Cause Head-On Collision
  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Bad Weather Condition
  • Improper Passing
  • Not Obeying The Traffic Rules And Signals Often Causes Head-On Collision.
  • Cell Phone Usage While Driving Can Also Be A Cause Of Head-On Collision.

Common Injuries in Head-On Collision:

Here we shall take a look on some of the common injuries sustained in a head-on collision.

  1. Head-On Collision Often Lead to Broken Facial Bones:

    One of the most common injuries on head-on collision includes the broken facial bones. Eye sockets, chin, cheek, and jawbone fractures are common on head-on collisions. The magnitude of a head-on impact is mostly severe enough that even with airbags, it crushes the face and its inner bone structure.

  2. Head-On Collision Causes Injuries Like Lacerations, Abrasions and Scarring:

    Laceration, abrasion and scarring are common injuries in a head-on collision. During a Head-on collision, secondary injuries occur when clipboards, cell phones, coffee cups, and other loose objects fly around the car at a great speed and hit the occupants. Even pieces of plastic, fibreglass, broken glass in the car can bombard the scalp, arms, faces, and legs and cause serious lacerations which may result in permanent scarring.

  3. Back and Spine Injury Caused Due Head-On Collision:

    When the impact of the head-on collision is severe enough; the discs in the spinal cord can get compressed excessively. This frequently occurs when the cars or the vehicles stop. As the vehicle stops, the occupants slam downward in to their seats. One or more discs can get herniated or rupture if the downward force is severe enough in the crash. In some severe cases, the spinal cord can bruise and sometimes this spinal cord injury may lead to paralysis or even death.

  4. Neck and Shoulder Whiplash-One of the Most Common Injury in Head-On Collision:

    The neck and head violently whip back and forth and side to side while a head-on collision. Depending on the magnitude of the impact, the neck and shoulders of the occupants can twist well outside their normal radius, resulting in a stretch and even tear of tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

  5. Head-On Collision Resulting in TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury :

    TBI or Traumatic brain injury can be one more common injury in head-on collision. The skull or the cranium can fracture upon impact with the steering wheel, windshield, and the vehicle frame. There can be serious brain damage when a skull fractures and splinter in to the brain during a head-on collision. It can be possible that in case the impact is strong enough, the brain can flatten against the inner wall of the skull and result in brain concussions and more severe brain injuries.

  6. Decapitations:

    Although not frequent, decapitations can happen on head-on collisions. When the impact is great enough, the drive and occupants in the vehicle especially those not wearing the seatbelts, fly forwards and crash through the windshield.

  7. Abdominal Injuries:

    One more common injury on head-on collision includes the abdominal injuries. There may be abdominal injuries with frontal and side impacts on a head-on collision. Most vulnerable organs in abdominal injuries during a head-on crash include the liver and the spleen, and also kidneys and diaphragm.

  8. Foot and Leg Injury:

    Foot and leg injuries are common in frontal or head-on collisions. Since legs and feet are the first to be affected in a head-on collision, they often absorb much of the impact. There may be damage in legs and knees when they get collided with the instrument panel. There may be possible injuries like ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tear, broken bones, crushed foot and legs, ankle injuries etc.

  9. Chest Injury:

    Yet another common injury in head-on collision is the chest injury. The ribcage and chest can get injured by the force of the seatbelt, the body slamming in to the steering when, or any other type of blunt trauma. In some cases, the force can injure or even break the ribs and also damage the lungs.

Role of Personal Injury Lawyers in Head-On Collision Related Injuries:

Head-on collision can be deadly and may bring serious damage to life, health condition and the loss of vehicle crashed in the accident. In such a scenario, it becomes real difficult to cope up with the financial pressure of medical bills, vehicle repair while an individual is suffering from serious pain and worrisome conditions of his or her life due to the collision.

In such cases, a personal injury lawyer or a car accident attorney may help you to get compensation if you have no-fault in the cause of the head-on collision. There are several law firms or attorneys with experience in personal injury law suits to help you get the deserving compensation. However, you need to be truthful and must provide all the real details of the accident.

Usually, soft tissue injuries like minor cuts, lacerations, abrasion, etc. may be ignored in the legal representation; but in the types of personal injury claims; settlements amount may include the amounts to cover medical bills, lost wages, and treatment costs for head injuries like disc herniations, head injuries, broken bones etc.

One must also be aware that for personal injury claim you must gather evidences which would be well tested, police report on the collision, photographs, witness statements, medical records etc.

You must visit a reputed and reliable personal injury law firm and hire the best personal injury lawyer who can help you out after the major injuries you or your known ones have met with because of a head-on collision where you have no fault.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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