3 Steps to Take If You’ve Been Injured As a Pedestrian

Car accidents that involve pedestrians and automobiles can often be severe. You may be simply walking on the sidewalk or picking up your groceries when a vehicle suddenly strikes you. Although you might be lucky to walk away with only minor bruises and scrapes, some accidents could leave you with broken bones, concussions, internal bleeding, or even fatal injuries.

3 Steps to Take If You've Been Injured As a Pedestrian
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As a general motor vehicle accidents rule, the victim must submit proof that the motorist in question is responsible for the injuries sustained. However, in pedestrian accident cases, the burden of proof shifts to the motorist, who must prove they were not responsible for the traffic accident. The motorist must submit a reasonable and adequate explanation before the court can agree to shift the blame.

You should contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney from a reputable firm like the Law Offices of Kamela James to safeguard your legal well-being. While you may feel shocked and disoriented after an accident, you should follow these tips to help restore your well-being and get the compensation you deserve:

1. Seek Medical Attention

Whether or not you feel pain after the accident, seeking medical attention should be your immediate action. Even without obvious pain, consulting your physician will help identify invisible injuries sustained in an accident that could spiral into severe medical conditions if left untreated. If you experienced severe pain after the car accident, you should expect to be admitted to the emergency room immediately. Be sure to keep a record of all your medical treatments because this is what will prove to the insurance adjusters that your compensation claim is valid and backed with indisputable proof of injury treatments.

2. Collect Abundant Evidence

If you’re not in a position to gather evidence on your own, you can have a trusted attorney collect on your behalf as you seek treatment. Also, involve the police immediately since they’ll play a crucial role in helping you gather the evidence you need. Ensure that the police record your accident to establish that the accident occurred as mentioned, the accident location, and the parties involved. Insist that the police gather as much detail about the accident as possible. This may include locating debris, recording statements from potential witnesses, and looking for car skid marks. This new evidence will only make your story harder to beat in a court of law. Each piece of evidence will narrow the defendant’s possibilities to tell a more plausible story.

3. Get Expert Legal Assistance

Never talk to any insurance company before speaking with an injury lawyer first. Insurance companies will often use your initial statements against you to minimize payout. Contact an injury lawyer immediately after your accident to help and advise you on how best to claim the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.


Being involved in a pedestrian accident will likely leave you with emotional and physical scars, not to mention the resulting financial strain. And the driver’s insurance company may frustrate you further by overwhelming you with lots of paperwork or even pay you less compensation than you deserve for the sustained injuries. Following the tips above can help you regain your physical health and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for all your misfortunes.

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