How To Stay Active With A Disability?

Physical activity is good for everyone, including those with some kind of disability. It can help you strengthen your heart, improve circulation, relieve stress, build strong muscles, and feel good about yourself. If suffering from a disability staying active can be a bit tricky, especially those with limited mobility.

How To Stay Active With A Disability?

Here are a few tips on how you can stay active even though you are disabled.

How To Start With An Activity If You Are Disabled?

Before starting any activity speak with the doctor about the type and the intensity of physical activity that would be suitable for you.

  • If taking any medication also confirm, how it will respond to physical activity.
  • Start the activity under a trained professional.
  • Choose a fitness center which has experience in training people with disability.
  • Ask a member of the family or a close friend to engage with you in the sport or activity. This helps in staying active and spending quality time with the people you care about.

Start the activity with a group of people who can understand what you are going through. You can join a club which has activities for people with disability. Watching disabled people enjoying sport can encourage you more to start it.

What Kind Of Physical Activity To Choose From If You are Disabled?


Cycling with the help of modified bikes is the most popular sport among the disabled community. There are tricycles a model which provide improved stability to the user and have custom made seats, handlebars, and pedals. If pedaling with legs is not possible, hand cycling offers a solution. Those with hearing or visual impairment can enjoy tandem cycling, a safe way to get plenty of physical activity.


Golf is another great activity which can help people with disability stay active. It can be performed in standing and sitting position as well. Adaptive golf carts are available which help provide body stability while swinging the club. Golf grips allow using the equipment with greater ease. With a large number of disabled people choosing golf as a sport, some clubs are opening golf clinic where people with various disabilities such as paralysis, hearing, vision and limb disability are taught how to enjoy golf.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding and hippo-therapy are therapeutic ways to improve the physical, social, sensory and emotional well-being of people with disability. This activity provides a good exercise for people who struggle with mobility. They are led by certified professionals or instructors who can provide extra advice and tips for horseback riding.


Swimming is an amazing cardio and strength exercise which does wonders for body and mind. It is a most impacting exercise which can be done by even those who are deaf and blind. It requires no equipment so the people with disability can participate in the events and programs in their area with little or no modification. Swimming can be enjoyed more by engaging in water sports like adaptive canoeing, kayaking, rowing, and rafting.

Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball can be a fun-filled and dynamic sport for those with disability. It is a great exercise and practice for all sorts of skills. All the rules are same just that the net is shorter and the court is smaller in sitting volleyball. Those looking out for physical activity can try it out.

No matter what activity you look out for, it is important to look out for resources which can help you participate and stay fit.

Being active is important but it should not risk your health and safety. Whatever you start with, consult with your doctor and make sure it’s right for you. Practising self-care also makes you feel good no matter what routine of physical activity you are involved in.

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