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How Can I Stop Seizures Naturally?

The appropriate treatment for curing seizures is using anticonvulsant drugs. However, these drugs have limited capability in providing the results and may not show the same output for everybody. Also, they come with side effects, where an individual may develop resistance towards these drugs, making it impossible for the doctor to proceed with a treatment consisting of medicines. In such cases, the individual is likely to suffer more as there is no alternative in treating or stopping the seizures other than natural methods.

How Can I Stop Seizures Naturally?

How Can I Stop Seizures Naturally?

If you like to treat epilepsy without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, the best possible way is opting for natural remedies.

  1. Herbal Treatment:

    There is an increased interest in herbal treatments recently. As herbal therapies cure an illness naturally without any side effect, people are opting for these procedures even for small diseases such as a cough or cold. The best herbs helpful in stopping seizures include burning bush, groundcel, lily of the valley, mugwort, peony, tree of heaven, hydrocotyle, and scullcap. There is little evidence that herbal treatment is an excellent choice for stopping seizures naturally. Most of the evidence present out there is anecdotal.

  2. Vitamins:

    Certain vitamins possess the chance to reduce the occurrence of seizure attacks in an individual. However, one will have to remember the fact that vitamins will only aid in improving the effectiveness of medicine. Therefore, doctors may prescribe addition of vitamins along with anticonvulsant drugs to improve the treatment and ensure that the chances of the occurrence of seizures are low. The common vitamins that most of the neurologists prescribe include vitamin B6, magnesium, vitamins E, vitamins D, and folinic acid supplementation. It is always crucial to speak with a doctor and add the needed vitamins along with the prescribed medicines under the doctor’s supervision.

  3. Dietary Changes:

    Making changes on how you consume the food or what you eat is going to play a crucial role in curing seizure attacks naturally. Of all the diet’s present out there, ketogenic diet plays an immense role in healing or reducing the occurrence of seizure attacks. The menu focuses on increase in the consumption of fat content with a reduction in carbohydrate and protein. Although the outcome is positive, doctors are still unable to find a connection between the changes in the food pattern and the decrease in the seizure attacks. The ketogenic natural diet is also useful for children who have seizures. Children may find it challenging, but opting for the diet change is crucial for a parent to guarantee that the kid does not suffer a seizure attack.

  4. Self-control:

    Self-control is another natural method through which an individual can gain control over the seizure activity. It is possible when an individual is aware of the symptoms and the occurrence of the seizure. By detecting the signs in the early stage, stopping an attack is possible for the individual. For instance, many of the individuals enter the state of aura before the attack takes place. The gap between the aura and the seizure is at least 20 minutes. During this period, if the individual can attain self-control, it is possible to reduce the strange occurrences happening, that helps in preventing seizures naturally. A better way to achieve self-control is by improving concentration level. One can perform this with the help of meditation, focusing on a specific task, walking, and saying “no” to seizure.

Although these natural methods are helpful in stopping seizures, which do not provide a guarantee that they will work all the time for every individual. Therefore, it is preferable to take precautions ahead that includes safety measures and helps in stopping seizures naturally.


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