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Can Liver Or Kidney Problems Cause Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

Changes in facial characteristics not only provide information about the mental condition of a person, rather it is helpful in providing a lot of information about health conditions. Dark circles below the eyes may be caused due to anemia, liver disease, and kidney disease.

Can Liver Or Kidney Problems Cause Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

Can Liver Or Kidney Problems Cause Dark Circles Under The Eyes?

Dark Circles In Liver Disease

Liver Failure: The dark circle may be caused due to liver damage. When the liver gets damaged, it is not able to convert and store the food in the form of energy. Further, liver damage may also result in poor digestion and malabsorption of various vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin A, E, K and B complex vitamins results in dark circles. When the body does not get the required energy due to liver failure, the fatigue and weakness appear on the face of patients which may lead to the appearance of dark circle2.

Hepatitis: Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver cells. As the liver cells get inflamed, they are not able to produce essential enzymes and bile. Hepatitis also results in fatigue because the essential enzymes for energy production do not effectively perform their physical function. Weakness and tiredness in the body cause the dark circle under the eyes3.

Excess Sweating: In liver disease, the efficacy of the body for maintaining temperature homeostasis reduces leading to increased sweating due to high heat production. Because of excess heat, the internal body temperature is increased and the volume of sweating is increased. Excess sweating leads to dehydration and the moisture component of skin gets reduced. This may develop dark circles.

Dark Circles In Kidney Disease

Kidney Damage: In some cases, dark circles are an early sign of kidney damage. In this condition, the kidney does not filter the body fluid properly. When the fluid does not get filtered, toxic and harmful impurities stay in the body fluids. The presence of the toxic and harmful impurities leads to reduced energy level. The person feels tired, and also have poor concentration. The facial characteristics appear to have dark circles.

Difficulty Sleeping: Kidney disease increases oxidative stress as well as toxic substances. Increases in toxic metabolite in the blood lead to poor brain function. Poor concentration and poor brain function lead to insomnia. Patients do not take a proper sleep the dark circles are occurring under the eye eyelids4. Kidney damage also leads to frequent urination. Frequency in increased more at night leading to poor sleep.

Need To More Urinate: In some condition, the need to more urinate because of damages of kidney filter. In kidney diseases, the volume of urine increases. Although in most cases the frequent urination is caused due to bladder diseases. Increased urination may lead to dehydration. The skin gets dried and dull leading to dark circles.

Dark Circles

The dark circle is a common problem of the man and woman. Children may also suffer from dark circles. Sleep deprivation is one of the causes of dark circles. In this condition, the skin of lower eye eyelids become dull and pale, and the dark tissues are visible under your eyes thereby making the area darker. The dark circle occurs when the thin layer of skin under the eye have visible blood vessels. Dark circles are caused due to fatigue, eye strain, allergic reactions, excessive eye rubbing, genetics, and dehydration. The iron deficiency is also a reason for the dark circle. The iron deficiency leads to anemia which may result in poor oxygen supply. The fluid imbalance, swelling under the eye and puffy eyes can also cause a dark shadow under the eyes1.


Liver and kidney disease may sometimes lead to dark circles. Liver and kidney both are important organs and are responsible for managing metabolic processes. While liver stores energy and aids in digestion, kidney filters the blood and regulates RBC production. Disease in any of these organs may lead to dark circles.


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