Tips To Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles are a recurring issue in the modern day world largely owing to the lifestyle we millennials follow. The usual reasons for dark circles include stress, hormonal changes, anaemia, dehydration, lack of sleep, lifestyle imbalances, allergies, overexposure to the sun, problems with pigmentation, skin thinness and the list continues.

It is a constant struggle to fight dark circles; however, there are numerous ways to reduce them which many people may not be aware of. There are home-made products; there are prescribed medicines and beauty creams to the rescue. The fine techniques and the best tips to reduce dark circles will be discussed here.

“Charity begins at home,” Well, not only charity but prevention also begins at home. There are many tips for reducing dark circles which can be found in the kitchen such as the use of cucumbers, milk, potatoes, tomatoes which are easily available for reducing the dark circles.

Tips To Reduce Dark Circles

Tips To Reduce Dark Circles

Cucumbers: A Cool Way To Reduce Dark Circles

Cucumbers contain anti-oxidants, which would lessen the puffiness around your eyes. Cucumber helps the skin tissues to contract because it is a coolant. As a result, the dark circles become obscure. Use the cucumber slices (cooled for half-an-hour) on the eye-lids. Keep them for 5 to 10 minutes, then remove the cucumber slices and wash your eyes. Using cucumber slices is a very effective tip to reduce dark circles.

Potatoes: A Natural Bleach For Your Dark Circles

Potatoes are considered as natural bleaching agent and help to reduce the dark circles under your eyes. Mash and cool potatoes and strain the juice out of them. Dip cotton balls in the potato juice and apply them on your eyes and leave them for 20-30 minutes and rinse. Alternatively you can also use potato slices on the eyes, just like cucumber slices.

Tomatoes: Rescuing You From Dark Circles

Tomatoes are one of the top-notch bleaching agents that not only lighten the dark skin and dark circles, but also keep the skin soft and supple. Use tomato juice along with lemon juice and apply it for 10-30 minutes on the dark circles! Rinse off after that. Follow this tip twice a day to reduce your dark circles and see the dark circles vanish!

Milk: A Healthy Tip for Reducing Dark Circles

Milk is a strong source of Vitamin A and B6 that helps with growth of new cells and vitamin B12 gives the skin a lighter shade. The selenium present in the milk protects the skin from sun damage and thus also reduces dark circles. The milk must be cold when applied to the dark circles. Dip cotton in cold milk and place it under the eyes on the dark circles for 10 minutes and wash it off with regular water. Milk is an excellent tip to reduce dark circles.

Oranges: Lose Those Dark Circles

Orange juice is a fruit product that will help you to lose those stubborn dark circles. Orange juice with few drops of glycerine applied and kept to the dark circles for 20 minutes are great for effectively reducing the darker circles.

Coconut Oil: Effective Tip For Reducing Dark Circles

Coconut oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, which restore the cells of the damaged skin and also dryness. Hence applying coconut oil on the dark circles and leaving overnight helps a lot in reducing dark circles.

Mint: Another Coolant For Dark Circles

Mint leaves have vitamin C, which would make your eyes look brighter and also the cooling effect in the leaves contract your skin cells. Crush mint leaves them and smear them on dark circles and leave for 10 minutes and see the magic happening as your dark circles reduce with each use of this tip.

Aloe-Vera: A Miracle Plant for Reducing Dark Circles

Aloe-Vera has anti-inflammatory properties; hence using them as anti-dark circle remedy would not disappoint anyone. Clean the area under the eyes and apply aloe vera gel on the dark circles. Follow this tip daily to reduce dark circles.

Tea-Bags: Get Rid Of Bags & Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Tea bags are not only beneficial for making tea, but they are also great for reducing dark circles. Keep the tea bags in refrigerator to cool them and place them on your dark circles. Tea bags are very helpful in reducing dark circles, as they contain caffeine that shrinks the blood vessels and also reduces fluid retention in tissues making the skin around the eyes appear vibrant and glowing.

Almond Oil to Reduce Dark Circles

Almond oil makes the skin supple as they have Vitamin E. Gently massage some almond oil around your eyes and say goodbye to your dark circles. Another great tip for reducing dark circles and for better results is to add some lemon juice in almond oil and use it on dark circles and wash your eyes after 10 minutes.

Argan Oil to Reduce Dark Circles

Argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E and Tocopherols present in the Argan oil repairs the skin’s hydro-lipid layer and helps in reducing dark circles. This also reduces the sun damage and reduces the darker area of your eyes.

Turmeric: A Spice to Reduce Dark Circles

Turmeric replenishes the tired and sagging skin if added with buttermilk or mint leaves on the dark circles. Keep this turmeric paste on the dark circles for 15 minutes and rinse off. Follow this tip regularly and it will help you get rid of your dark circles.

Rose Water to Reduce Dark Circles

Rose water effectively reduces dark circles and rejuvenates the skin. Rose water has a soothing effect of on exhausted eyes and greatly helps in refreshing your eyes and reducing dark circles. Dip cotton pads in rosewater and place it over your dark circles for 20 minutes and get ready for fresh eyes and diminished dark circles.

Tips on Lifestyle Choices to Reduce Dark Circles

Let us tour on some of our lifestyle imbalances that initiate dark circles in the first place and the tips to reduce them!

Proper Sleep to Reduce Dark Circles: Sleeping for adequate amount of time daily helps to get rid of the dark circles. After a tiring day’s work, an individual needs to sleep for about 8 long hours to wake up refreshed. Almost everyone has a fascination for sleeping; hence, why not use it in a proper way to reduce those dark circles?

Lower Your Stress to Reduce Dark Circles: The higher the stress levels are, the higher the chances of your sleep and hormones getting affected is. Work pressure/life problems do affect the stress level, but trying to find hours of relaxation is what everyone should be doing. Lesser the stress, the lesser your dark circles will be.

Quit Smoking to Reduce Dark Circles: Smoking affects the blood vessels and depletes the Vitamin C, which actually makes the surface around the eye go dark. Passive smoking is equally harmful. It actually makes the eye go all bloodshot and the eye skin tone gets darker resulting in dark circles.

Skin allergies Should Be Detected: The dark circles under the eyes can also be caused by allergies. When allergies are the cause of your dark circles, then the solution is to find the reason for the allergy and prevent it from happening to reduce dark circles. Get your allergies properly treated to reduce your dark circles.

Creams To Reduce Your Dark Circles: A proper eye cream to use becomes quite a challenge in the capitalist market; but there are certain methods to select the best eye cream. Go for the eye creams with vitamin K and retinol. It has been proven that these two substances are anti-dark circle agents. Also looking for eye creams that have honey, avocado, jojoba oil and Shea butter would be better for the skin around the eyes and help a lot in reducing dark circles.

Healthy Diet to Reduce Dark Circles: There is nothing better than a properly balanced diet. Vitamins are very much required in our system. A good amount of vegetables and fruits are necessary for the dark circles to go away, as they contain vitamin K or B12/B6. Tip: use fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce your dark circles.

Water To The Rescue: Drinking gallons of water help in getting rid of dark circles along with other benefits.

Wear Sunglasses to Reduce Dark Circles: The harmful rays of the sun can introduce wrinkles and spots which grant the birth of dark circles under the eyes. The best solution is to use sunglasses when going outdoors. Also using a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more exposed areas of the skin and around the eyes is a good tip for reducing those dark circles.

Say No To Salt to Reduce Dark Circles: Excessive salt in your leads to fluid retention which in turn causes puffy eyes. If your diet contains sodium then you are liable to have dark circles. Tip: Cut down on your salt intake to reduce dark circles.

Do Yoga to Reduce Dark Circles: Doing body fitness exercises have always been helpful for all health purposes. Hence using Yoga is a great medium to excrete out stress from the body and making it more relaxed and staying healthy. Also, yoga helps in increasing the blood circulation to the eyes and making the skin around the eyes look supple. Tip: Do yoga daily and say farewell to dark circles.

Beauty Tips To Temporarily Reduce Dark Circles

Use Concealer to Hide Dark Circles

Covering the dark circles with congealers acts as a temporary relief for occasions. When the dark circle is of reddish or bluish in color, use a peach colored concealer on your dark circles. White concealers might make the dark circles look gray. Light-reflecting concealers should not be used if eye puffiness is also there, as light-reflecting concealers actually make the dark patches look puffier. Hence, use two shades darker concealer than your foundation. This would make your dark circles look less heavy. For sensitive skin, go for unscented concealers (fragrance is agent of irritation) and avoid concealers containing glycolic acid or salicylic acid, as these can irritate the sensitive skin around the eyes and can be the source of both redness and swelling in the eyes.

Skin Lightening Treatments To Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles are actually the layers of dark skin cells under the lower lid of an eye which makes you appear older, tired and haggard. This pigmentation situation actually develops the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Skin Lightening Treatments done by an experienced dermatologist help in reducing the dark circles.


Thus, these were some of the tips to reduce dark circles. One can easily get scared or worried after looking in the mirror and seeing the dark circles. Instead of freaking out, follow these simple tips along with proper exercises and sleep, stress-free life to get rid of the dark circles.

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