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Causes of Dry Skin Around the Eyes & its Prevention, Treatment

Facial skin is the most sensitive when compared to the skin of the other part of the body, and the skin around the eyes is more sensitive. Dry skin around the eyes is the most noticeable by self and by others.

Causes of Dry Skin Around the Eyes

Causes of Dry Skin Around the Eyes

Both external and internal factors are responsible for causing the dry skin around the eyes.

  1. Certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, blepharitis, and dermatitis can lead to dryness of skin around eyes.
  2. Environmental conditions such as very cold or very hot weather, or a sudden change in weather.
  3. Cosmetic and skin care products containing harsh chemicals also contribute to the dryness around the eye.
  4. High stress levels can aggravate the skin conditions and in turn, lead to the dry and scaly skin.
  5. Excessive rubbing of eyes can irritate the skin around eyes and lead to dryness.

How to Prevent The Occurrence Of Dryness Around Eyes?

  • To prevent dry skin around the eye, it is important to drink plenty of water as it helps in keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Use mild face wash. Avoid using ones with high chemical content and fragrance.
  • Do not rub eyes too much. Due to the sensitiveness of the skin around the eyes, excessive rubbing might give it a bruised appearance.
  • Exposure to the sun might also lead to dryness. Wear a good sunscreen and sunglasses while going out in sun.
  • Avoid applying much of any cosmetic item around the eyes.
  • Remove the eye makeup with a good make up remover. Do not be harsh while removing makeup from eyes.
  • Sleep well.
  • Eat a lot of fruits, green leafy vegetables, almonds, walnuts, and cashew nuts. Include dairy products, green tea in the diet. All these contain anti-inflammatory compounds and help in giving relief from dryness.

Treatment of Dry Skin Around The Eyes

Moisturizer: Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is the best way to keep the dryness away.

A good moisturizer which suits the skin can prove to be helpful in dealing with the dry skin around the eye.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a gentle moisturizer. It helps repair the damage caused by dry eyes and also speed up wound healing. It is also found helpful in the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. Extract fresh aloe vera pulp from the center of the leaf and massage it around the eyes. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and wash it off. Using this remedy every day can keep dryness away.

Green Tea Bags: The antioxidants and tannins present in green tea help reduce wrinkles, dark circles and also boost the generation of new cells. Dip green tea bags in cold water and keep them above eyes for 12 to 15 minutes. This can be done twice a day. Green tea also acts as a repairing agent.

Rose Water: Rosewater provides hydration to the skin and prevents puffiness on eyes. It acts as a coolant for skin and is a fantastic toner. It can be used in pore reduction as well. Rose water can be applied to the face as a toner after a face wash.

Yogurt: Yogurt keeps the skin moisturized and glowing by nourishing it with natural oils. It also reduces any pigmentation and scars. Apply yogurt around the eyes and keep it for 10 minutes and wash it off. Do not use this remedy if allergic to dairy products.

Almond Oil: Almond oil is a good repairing agent. It is a rich source of vitamin E. It works wonderfully in treating dry skin, preventing the occurrence of fine lines and rejuvenates the skin. Massage this oil around the eyes daily before going to be and enjoy the goodness.

Honey: Honey is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other compounds which are necessary for the skin. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. Apply it daily around the eyes to get the desired results.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is extremely helpful in reducing the dryness of skin around the eyes. It contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds which can keep the skin young and healthy.

Vaseline: Vaseline is also known as a petroleum jelly. It locks the moisture in the skin around the eyes and reduces the occurrence of wrinkles. Including it in the skin care routine proves to be really beneficial because of its anti-aging properties. It helps in keeping the skin healthy and gives a younger look to it. It can be applied on to the skin before going to bed daily. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and needs to be taken care of to keep is healthy. Dry skin can be prevented easily by following the above remedies. All the above solutions are natural and would not cause any harm to the skin. Not only this, they also give the result in a short span of time.


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