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Causes of Heat Bumps & Home Remedies to Get Rid of it

Heat bumps on the skin are also known to be heat rashes which generally develop from excessive exposure to heat and humidity. Heat bumps may be either mild like few small bumps and may also be severe enough developing in to painful blistering of the skin. In this current article of ours, we will know about the causes, and some of the best home remedies to get rid of heat bumps. Hope this goes as a beneficial read for you.

Where Can Heat Bumps Appear?

Where Can Heat Bumps Appear?

Heat bumps can appear anywhere on your body. However, some of the most common places are the areas where skin-to-skin contact is constant; like under the breasts, or where air flow is restricted, like the groin. Some other common places where heat bumps appear include the chest and in the skin folds on the neck.

Causes of Heat Bumps

Causes of Heat Bumps:

Below are some of the causes of heat bumps.

  • During summers, heat bumps are very much common, especially between legs; when the temperature rises to the extremes. During hot and humid summer days, germs easily enter our body via the sweat glands. This in turn leads to follicular inflammation and infection. Sweat starts accumulating under the skin when the sweat glands get blocked and this in turn results in heat bumps. These heat bumps can also occur on chest, under arms, back etc and may be inflamed, itchy and red color in appearance.
  • Heat bumps may also occur during colder conditions. In cold temperature, you may tend to over bundle yourself and your children to stay warm to protect from the cold. This in turn, can increase sweating and decrease the flow of air to the skin. So, there are chances you might develop heath bumps in such conditions too
  • Heat bumps may also arise in case one suffers from high temperature in high fevers. Heat bumps appear when your body temperature is higher. This is because then your body tries to cool itself by sweating and leading to heat bumps.

Who are at High Risk of Getting Heat Bumps?

Those people who work in hot environment, like people working at construction sites during the summer days, the fire-fighters and other people who are frequently exposed to high temperature during their working hours are highly susceptible to heat bumps. Apart from this, people whose bodies are weaker; like in case of babies, children and in the elderly people; are at a higher risk of getting heat bumps.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heat Bumps

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heat Bumps:

Here we will take a look on some of the best home remedies to treat heat bumps.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel:

    Aloe vera gel is known to be a wonderful home remedy for heat bumps. It has healing properties which aid in reducing the heat bumps. Aloe vera, not only relieves itching and swelling of the skin in heat bumps, but also imparts a soothing and cooling effect to the affected skin.

    You need to apply fresh Aloe vera gel at the affected portion, at least 3-4 times in a day so as to reduce redness and start healing process naturally. Make a note that it is not good to use commercial Aloe vera gels as they contain chemicals which can aggravate the condition.

  2. Ice Pack for Heat Bumps:

    One more home remedy for getting rid of Heat bumps can be application of ice pack. Applying Ice pack on the affected area of the skin can treat heat bumps in a great manner.

    You need to take a plastic bag and add 3-4 ice cubes and properly seal it. Then, wrap a cotton cloth around the bag and place it on heat bumps for 10 minutes and then remove. Repeating this process at an interval of 4 hours in a day can help in reducing redness.

  3. Cold Shower as a Home Remedy for Heat Bumps:

    Cold shower can help you get rid of heat bumps during summer months. Taking bath with cold water not only minimize the occurrence of heat bumps but also aid in rendering the skin clean from sweat and dirt.

  4. Oatmeal Bath:

    Another useful home remedy for skin bumps is Oatmeal bath. Just add one cup of oatmeal to the hot bath water and stir till it dissolves. Soak in the water for some time to relieve the condition.

  5. Sandalwood Powder as a Home Remedy for Heat Bumps:

    Sandalwood powder is known to have a skin rejuvenating property. Thus, it is known to be effective in treating heat bumps, skin irritation etc. You need to make a smooth paste of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply it directly over the heat bumps. Once it has dried, just rinse it off with cold water. This has a soothing effect and reduces the itching.

  6. Margosa or Neem Paste for Heat Bumps:

    Margosa or Neem is a natural herb known to be useful in treating several skin ailments. You can use it for getting rid of heat bumps too. All you need is grind few margosa or neem leaves and mix it with rose water to form a thick paste. Now, apply the paste of the affected skin and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with water and pat the skin dry.

  7. Calamine Lotion for Heat Bumps:

    Calamine lotion can also work as a good remedy for heat bumps. You can experience soothing effect on the heat bumps by applying calamine lotion on the irritated skin. With repeated use, there may be a reduction in redness and complete healing of the bumps

  8. Cornstarch or Baking Soda for Heat Bumps:

    One more home remedy for heat bumps could be corn starch or baking soda. You need to apply cornstarch or baking soda to your heat bumps just after a cold shower. This would absorb any excessive water on the skin that intensifies heat bumps.

  9. Cod Liver Oil or Vitamin E Oil as a Home Remedy for Heat Bumps:

    Heat bumps can also be relieved by one more home remedy. Applying a mixture of cod liver and Vitamin E cream directly to the affected skin can be beneficial in relieving the condition. Using olive oil on the affected skin reduces redness and also provides a soothing effect.

  10. Using Loose Fitting Clothes:

    It is also essential that during summer months you need to wear loose fitting clothes, especially the loose fitting cotton pants or bottoms. Natural or cotton fabrics can easily soak up excessive perspiration while loose clothes will keep the body dry and well ventilated. It must be noted not to wear nylon or synthetic garments as it can cause sweat to accumulate between the thighs and increase the chance of heat bumps.


So, above were some of the home remedies to get rid of heat bumps. Do remember that over perspiration is the main cause for appearance of heat bumps. So, try to keep away from it and safeguard self from the irritating heat Bumps. Drink plenty of water and keep your body naturally hydrated so as to avoid heat bumps.

Talk to a medical professional in case of any severe symptoms in heat bumps or in case your heat bumps do not reduce even after the natural home remedies.


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