Types of Acne on Chin & Ways to Get Rid of it

Any acne or pimple is caused when a pore in the skin gets clogged, usually with the dead skin cells. Sometimes bacteria get trapped inside the pore too, causing the portion become swollen and red. Acne may appear anywhere in the skin. Acne on chin can be one of the causes for your worries at times. In this article we will talk about the types, causes, and ways of treating acne on chin. Hope this would be a beneficial read for you

Types of Acne on Chin & Ways to Get Rid of it

Types of Acne on Chin:

Acne on chin can be categorized in to the adult acne on chin and baby acne or acne on the children’s chin. Below we will read about the types in brief.

  1. Adult Acne on Chin:

    Some grown up men and women get worried because of the acne on their face, including the chin acnes. A research from University of Pennsylvania has found that low grade, persistent acne is most common among women in their 20s, 30s and 40s. Generally the most common causes of chin acne in adults are based on their diets, hormonal changes and stress. Adults usually have acne on the chin, neck and jaw lines.

  2. Baby Acne or Chin Acne on Children:

    Chin acne can also affect children. This problem is known as baby acne where there are small white pimples usually on the chin, forehead, cheeks, even in the back of a newborn. It is normal for the skin around the pimples to become reddish. It can also affect children of 2 weeks of age.

    It is also noted that children while their teething also develop acnes. It is normal for the preteens to have acne breakouts including acne around the chin and under the chin. Proper hygiene and effective treatments under an expert dermatologist is the best ways to deal with baby acne.

What is Cystic Chin Acne?

Now, there is one more type of chin acne which is termed as Cystic Chin Acne. Cystic acne on chin affects all people, however they are common in people who are aged from 14 years to 35 years.

Though some people may not have painful acne on their chin, others suffer from very painful acne on chin that can be also too much itchy at times. These chin acnes can be large, red and painful too. Such types of acne on chin are called as cystic acne. Such acne can however develop all over your body; but when they develop around the chin, they are known as cystic chin acne. Cystic acne breakouts on chin leave you with chin acne scars, especially if you try to squeeze them or pop them

Causes of Acne on Chin:

Generally acne occur when dirt, excess of oil and dead skin cells mingle and plug the pore openings. This provides the bacteria living in your oil glands a favourable environment to increase and cause acne breakouts. Here let us take a deeper look on some of the general causes of acne on chin.

  1. Hormonal imbalance causing hormonal chin acne:

    Hormonal imbalances tend to affect most people at various stages of their lives, especially during puberty, ovulation, menopause, menstrual cycle, pregnancy etc. During hormonal changes, there occurs acne on chin. When such acne occur, it is known as hormonal chin acne.

  2. Stress acne on chin due to stress:

    It is also known that stress and anxiety also cause acne on chin. Though the exact connection between stress and acne is not known, however it is believed that one may get acne of the sides of chin or around the chin if he or she leads a stressful lifestyle. The severity of the condition of acne on chin depends on the stress level of an individual.

    It must be noted that even normal stress like career, social life, family etc may also cause chin acne.

  3. Poor lymphatic drainage system as a cause of acne on chin:

    Poor lymphatic drainage can also cause pimples or acne on chin. This is so because the body cannot get rid of the toxins in case of poor lymphatic drainage. Accumulation of these toxins that occurs mostly around jaws can cause acne on chin, jaws and neck region.

  4. Poor personal hygiene can cause acne on chin:

    One of the major causes of acne on chin can be poor personal hygiene. Below are some of the common practices which can cause acne on chin.

    • Touching chin, with dirty hands can spread the dirt, oils and bacteria and cause acne.
    • Letting dirty cell phones touch your chin and neck can cause acne on chin, neck and jaw line.
    • Similarly, dirty musical instruments played by mouth can cause acne on chin.
    • Using makeup on jaw line and chin can clog pores.
  5. Use of certain makeup can cause acne on chin:

    Certain lip balms, lipsticks and glosses may also contain some ingredients that encourage acne under the chin.

  6. Other causes of acne on chin:

    There are also some other causes of acne on chin which may be the following.

    • Excessive sweating can cause clogged skin pores and thus encourage breakouts
    • Poor diet, or foods with low glycemic index can also cause acne on chin.
    • Smoking may be a reason for acne on chin
    • There may be acne on chin and other parts of the face, neck, etc. when you stop using contraceptive because of the hormonal changes.

How to get rid of Acne on chin:

  1. Oral antibiotics for getting rid of acne on chin:

    You can try oral antibiotics in order to get rid of acne on chin. This will aid you in reducing inflammation as well as control bacteria; which is one of the causes for acne. However it is essential for you to get a prescription prior to your purchase on the antibiotics.

  2. Birth control and hormone therapies to get rid of Acne on chin:

    Some of the birth control medicines can aid in regulating sex hormones and thereby deal with this problem. You can go for birth control pills containing progesterone and estrogen which have been approved by FDA. They will aid women producing too much of male hormones

    Apart from this, in case you are suffering from acne on chin due to hormonal imbalances then you can try hormone replacement therapy so as to get rid of the problem.

  3. Non prescription and prescribed gels, creams and lotions to get rid of Acne on chin:

    Non prescribed and prescribed creams, lotions and gels can be very good in treating acne on chin. It is essential for you to go for the gels, lotions and creams which have retinoid or vitamin A form; since they can unclog your pores.

    For non prescribed medications, go for the products that have sulphur and sodium sulfacetamide and use the products that combine antimicrobial medications like clindamycin with benzoyl proxide.

    One more anti-acne, anti-inflammatory gel known as Aczone is a great product for those who have sensitive skin or aging skin.

  4. Anti-acne pills and medications for treating acne on chin:

    There are various anti-acne pills which work effectively in dealing with acne problem as a whole. It is also known that medications like Isotretinoin can be beneficial too if one take a pill daily. This clears the problem permanently, mostly in a time period of 5 months. However, it may also recur once again.

  5. Proper stress management for getting rid of Acne on chin:

    It is essential for you to have proper stress management so as to getting rid of acne on chin. There are various stress management therapies including massages can be helpful in case you are trying to get rid of acne on chin. Apart from this, yoga, meditation, music, etc can also help you manage stress and help you get rid of acne on chin.

  6. Healthy diet to get rid of Acne on chin:

    A great way to get rid of acne on chin is to have a check on your diet and take healthy diet. Make sure you eat a balanced diet that contains a lot of fiber, especially fruits and green leafy vegetables. Also, make sure you avoid high glycemic diets containing much sugar and ensure you drink plenty of water. Apart from this, you must reduce consumption of acidic foods, quit drinking alcohol and smoking.

  7. Proper exercise and rest for getting rid of Acne on chin:

    Adequate rest is essential for getting rid of acne on chin along with appropriate exercise on a regular basis. Exercising helps you in reducing cortisol level while your body produces endorphins that calm you down. This indirectly helps you in getting rid of acnes.

  8. Personal hygiene to get rid of Acne on chin:

    It is essential for you to ensure that you keep your skin clean so as to reduce the buil-up of sebum that might clog your skin pores, may encourage acne breakout on your chin apart from this, that you must frequently exfoliate your skin so as to get rid of any dead skin which may cause acne when working with other factors. Some other healthy hygiene practises which can prevent acne on chin include the following:

    • Wash your face two times a day with an alcohol free soap. Do not wash more than twice
    • Wipe your cell phone regularly with cleansers.
    • If you have a partner with oily skin then do not share pillows.
    • Avoid touching your chin with dirty hands since it may spread the oil, dirt and bacteria
  9. Other essential tips to follow for getting rid of Acne on chin:

    Following are some of the other ways to get rid of acne on your chin.

    • Avoid touching your chin so as to reduce reinfection cases.
    • Check your lip makeup and toothpaste so as to ensure that they do not encourage the breakouts. As per a research fluoride and sodium lauryl sulphate may cause irritation and cause acne or pimples
    • Massaging and relaxing your abdomen is required in case you have problems with your small intestine that may cause acne on chin
    • Avoid blunt razor blades on your chin, as it can cause irritation, redness and also acne.
    • Make sure you are not popping your acne, else it may worsen the breakout, cause scars and even cause an infection.


We are now known to the causes, as well as ways to get rid of acne on chin. It is essential for you to see a dermatologist for best of his advice in case you suffer from serious issues of acne on chin for several days.

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