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Causes of Rash That Comes and Goes & Its Treatment

Our skin is the largest part of the body and is the first line of defense. It is exposed to several elements and maladies every day and thus, it is common that you can find some kinds of skin problems. Rash is the most common skin problem one can face. Rashes are red bumps on the skin that are caused by irritants. There are long-term rashes, and there are rashes that come and go. Such rash that comes and goes is more irritating and is difficult to treat. Below are some of the main causes of skin rash that comes and goes and also their treatments.

Causes of Rash That Comes and Goes & Its Treatment

Causes Of Rash That Comes And Goes

Rash on the skin can be caused by irritator allergen. These rashes come and go with different irritants and allergens. Let us look at some common causes of rashes here:


Rash that comes and goes can be due to the skin condition, Eczema. Eczema or dermatitis refers to several conditions of the skin with a similar pattern on the skin surface. It is one of the most common skin problems, which begins with red and itchy blisters, and a delayed treatment or any wrong medication can result in chronic eczema. This chronic eczema causes the skin to thicken. One may experience dryness, changes in skin color and flaking, when suffering from chronic eczema. The main cause of eczema is contact with irritants, like chemicals and allergens.

Allergic Skin Rash That Comes and Goes:

An allergic skin rash develops when one comes in contact with things the person is allergic to, such as food, dust and some fabrics too. Some people are also allergic to animal dander, dry air and specific chemicals. Dry skin conditions can sometimes trigger allergic skin rash that comes and goes.

Rash Due To Dry Skin:

One more reason for the rash that comes and goes could be dry skin. A dry skin is commonly seen in adults. Dry skin is prone to a rash, as it is easily irritated when dry and cold. A dry skin rash makes the skin extremely inflamed and itchy. This inflammation and itchiness may result in other skin conditions, like swelling, crusting, scaling, weeping and redness.

Skin Fungal Rash:

There are also skin fungal rash. Fungi, like dermatophytes yeasts cause skin fungal infections. Such rashes usually develop because of improper hygiene. Skin fungal infections cause different types of rashes on the skin that may include red, scaly and itchy rashes. Some of the fine scale rashes caused by fungal infections, looks similar to that of the dry skin rashes. Fungal infections may affect one or more parts of the skin area or different body parts. In case they spread to the scalp, may result in hair loss.


Hives can also be a likely cause of rash that comes and goes. This is also an allergic reaction. Hives may develop every time your skin comes in contact with an irritant or a chemical that the skin is allergic to. Hives rashes last for at most a day and usually fades away on its own, without any medical treatment. Hives may also be caused due to insect bites and pollutants in your environment.

HIV Skin Rash:

There may also be skin rash because of the HIV infections. The rash that is associated with Acute HIV, occurs in 50% of the sufferers and these rashes are very transient and comes and goes. Such rashes are red flat rashes seen over the trunk and sometimes on the face.

Treatments For Rash That Comes And Goes:

Treating Rash Due To Eczema:

Eczema is a rash that comes and goes and it can be treated at home, by eliminating irritants, like detergents and soaps. You need to avoid wearing tight-fitting or rough clothes and also avoid scratching the affected areas. It is also advisable to take regular baths in warm water and not hot baths, as a way of taking care of your skin. Prescription anti-inflammatory medications, steroid creams and prescription antibiotics are some of the medical treatments for rash that comes and goes caused due to Eczema.

Treating Allergic Skin Rash That Comes and Goes:

One of the best ways to avoid and treat allergic skin rash is to avoid all substances that trigger them. In order to treat allergic skin rash that comes and goes, you first need to determine what you are allergic to. This could be possible through skin and blood tests, which would help you in identifying the substances that trigger allergic reactions on your skin.

Treating Skin Fungal Rash That Comes and Goes:

Topical treatments, which are applied directly to the affected areas of the skin, are the most common treatments for skin fungal rash that comes and goes. These treatments could be in forms including creams, shampoos, paints, lotions and medicated powder. Sometimes, if you stop applying fungal treatments, your rashes might reappear after cleaning. So, you need to continue applying the treatment, at least for about 2 weeks after the symptoms get disappear.

Maintaining proper hygiene is the easiest way to treat and prevent some fungal infections. Keep the affected areas of the skin, clean and dry.

Treating Rash Caused Due To Dry Skin:

The most important and easiest way to treat a dry skin is keeping it hydrated. You should take at least 8 glasses of purified water daily. Taking water consistently helps your skin in retaining moisture and remains hydrated. Consequently, your skin becomes less prone to rashes and itchiness. One more easy way to treat a dry skin rash that comes and goes is to avoid harsh chemicals or irritants. You need to put on protective gloves while cleaning and also avoid chlorine pools. Make use of gentle cleansers and moisturizes while bathing and also avoid chemical and additives after bath. One more remedy could be an oatmeal bath that is also effective in treating rashes that comes and goes due to dry skin. This is because oatmeal has excellent curative properties.

Treating Rash Due To Hives:

Identifying the cause of rash due to hives is the first step to treat it. Once you identify the cause, avoid exposing your skin to the allergens or chemicals that might be causing the rash that comes and goes. Make sure you meet a medical professional if hives persist for several days or in case you develop anaphylaxis or angioedema symptoms.

Treating Acute HIV Rash:

The most common form of treatment for managing HIV skin rash is medication. Depending on the cause of the rash, OTC drugs, such as Hydrocortisone cream or Diphenhydramine or Benadryl that may be essential in reducing itchiness and the size of the rash that comes and goes. More serious rashes may require prescription medication from your doctor. If you are living with HIV, you must contact your doctor if you notice a rash and are not sure about the underlying cause of your rash.


It is true that a rash that comes and goes is generally possible to treat through OTC medications and home remedies. Moreover, some rashes also disappear without any treatment. However, you should seek immediate medical treatment in case your rash spread rapidly or is painful, or if it is associated with high fever, fainting, dizziness and breathing difficulties. Also, see your doctor in case you develop a rash immediately after you start taking any medication or eating a new type of food.


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