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Causes of Eczema on Hands & Its Treatment| What to do & What Not to do for Eczema on Hands

Recognizing Hand Eczema

You need to know the symptoms of hand eczema which may be mistaken for something else and you need to be careful when symptoms of hand eczema develop:

  • Dry and chapped skin which is generally the initial stage is the first sign of eczema.
  • Inflamed skin often becomes irritated and scaly.
  • Dark and red patches on irritated skin.
  • Itchy blisters.
  • Blisters may weep profusely.
  • Deep and painful cracks which can also ooze blood.
  • Pain can be felt in the hands.
  • You will feel an increased burning sensation in the hands.

What are the Causes of Eczema on Hands?

What are the Causes of Eczema on Hands?

Eczema is an induced skin disorder, which you acquire owing to wrong and unhealthy lifestyle. Reasons have less to do with the genetic causes and they are linked closely with the way you have been nourishing your body. This often happens that you end up realizing your mistakes about your skin care when the damage has already been done.

But such problems can be curtailed and controlled if you know the beforehand. Following causes eczema to hit you really hard:

  • When your skin becomes too dry.
  • Inadequate moisturizing of skin.
  • Using wrong soaps.
  • Lack of nutrition in body.
  • Faulty diet which lacks essential fats.

There are some home remedies and effective medications which can treat eczema really well. This has been discussed in the section below which also talks about the skin care routine which you can follow.

Treating Eczema on Hands

Major reason for eczema occurrence is when you don’t moisturize your skin well and it begins to lose the protective covering that it has. Among majority of the patients, it is this particular reason for improper nourishment that eczema occurs. But with little self-care, you can treat this problem which becomes major illness when delayed treatment is given.

Your self-care for eczema on hands should include the following:

  • Diet rich in nutrition and essential fats
  • Proper nourishment and moisturizing of skin

Talking from the diet perspective for eczema on hands, you are surely missing on good food which has good fat and nutrition. This is the basic reason that most of health-related problems occur. What you eat and when do you eat is the golden rule for being healthy for lifetime and this has an added advantage as well – you spend more on your diet and less on your medical bills!

So talking about the diet, you can include following tips in your daily regime to tackle eczema on hands:

  • Make sure there is two hours of gap in every meal
  • Start your day early and fruit should be the first food you take during the day
  • Include dry fruits in your daily diet which has adequate anti-oxidants to prevent cell aging
  • Vitamin C rich foods should help a lot in strengthening your immune system and makes your skin cells healthier
  • Follow a lifestyle which is active, do include yoga which keeps you fit mentally and physically
  • Have a fixed sleeping and waking up routine and try to start your day with sunrise
  • Have night meals early
  • Lastly, you need to be very watchful regarding the food allergies

This is all about how you can keep your skin healthier and this makes you fit for lifetime as well. Healthy food and daily routine not only keeps you fit but also prevents cell-aging which is a major cause for skin diseases and dryness.

Taking Care of Eczema on Hands: What TO DO for Eczema on Hands?

As we said before, most of the skin problems, including eczema, occur when you don’t provide adequate nourishment for your skin or due to bad diet. But with self-care, eczema can be controlled no matter how severe it is.

When eczema occurs, you will have some visible cracks on your skin which can be managed in the following ways:

  • Soak your hands in warm water till the skin becomes soft.
  • Apply some moisturizer which is rich in olive oil and glycerin on your hands and leave it overnight.

Olive oil has compounds which keep your skin soft and healthy over time. Glycerin works wonderfully for the eczema skin which is dry as it extracts the moisturizer from air and puts that into the outer layer of skin. A combination of olive oil and glycerin provides a protective layering on the skin and helps in relieving the symptoms of eczema.

What NOT to do for Eczema on Hands?

Avoid at all cost the irritants which aggravate the problem of eczema. Check out the why you should avoid soap and detergents when suffering from eczema: 

  • Detergents and soaps can dry the skin and you should always wear gloves while washing your clothes or dishes to prevent worsening of eczema on hands.
  • If you cannot cover your hands, apply a thick moisturizer so that dryness can be avoided.
  • Even after you are washing your clothes with detergents, don’t forget to rinse them well. Biological detergents have compounds which can make your eczema worse than ever.
  • Perfumes and toiletries and even some make-up products can also be irritating for your skin and aggravate eczema on hands.
  • Too much of hand washing should be avoided and make sure you are applying moisturizer immediately after washing your hands
  • Don’t wear rubber gloves for a long time as they can make your hands sweat-ridden thus making eczema worse on the hands.
  • If you suffer from eczema on your body, then wear cotton fabrics which absorb moisture from your skin and keep it dry. Synthetic fabrics should also be avoided in eczema.
  • Best way to avoid eczema from spreading is by keeping your skin moisturized just after you take shower, just applying a thick moisturizer will make your skin supple and moist.


For treating eczema on hands, symptoms should be recognized and causes need to be avoided. When there are problems related with skin, first understand that it is basically indicating that you have weak immune system. So, diet becomes a major factor in keeping at bay all sorts of skin-related ailments including hand eczema. Treat yourself really well and avoid stress at all cost, have a great diet and be active physically. Include yoga in your daily regime and make sure that fatty acids are a part of your diet which can avoid dryness and will protect your skin and prevent worsening of eczema on hands. 


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