What Can Cause Itchy Rash All Over The Body?

Itchy rashes are pretty common and they may have different underlying causes. If you have an outbreak of itchy rashes and want to know about it then read the following array of the article which talks about itchy rash all over the body. However, make sure that you consult with your doctor in case you have any such rash in your body that is itchy, or red or bumps on the skin and take the best treatments.

What Can Cause Itchy Rash All Over The Body?

What Can Cause Itchy Rash All Over The Body?

Rashes are very common and in most cases, they do not indicate any dangerous condition. However, in certain cases they do indicate a danger. If a child or a person is in good general health and has no other symptoms, then you can find the itchy rash over the body only for a few days. Many types of itchy rashes disappear without any treatment. However, keep it noted that in case the itchy rash all over your body is accompanied by high fever, breathing problems, vomiting or reduced general health, then you need to consult your doctor so that the doctor may properly diagnose the rash and provide you with the effective treatments.

Urticaria Or Hives:

Urticaria or Hives is the most common allergic rash that is extremely itchy and consists of raised large welts on the body surface, often circular with a pale center. Allergic reaction to medicines, foods, viral infections, or insect bites can cause urticaria or hives that may result in itchy rash all over the body. Such type of itchy rash moves around the body and generally lasts for 3-4 days before disappearing.

Insect Bites:

There may also be itchy rash all over the body caused due to insect bites. These rashes begin as small bumps in few places of the body and soon spread all over the body. In such case, counter topical corticosteroid, such as hydrocortisone, can be applied two times regularly as required for itching, at least for 3 days. If there is severe pain, tenderness, swelling or fever then do consult your doctor immediately. It is also essential for you to wear long sleeves and pants during winter season so as to prevent bug bites.

Harsh Skin Products:

There are some skin care products, like creams and soaps for improving skin beauty, that may cause itchy rash all over the body. There have been many cases, where using wrong skin products has resulted in development of localized rash that eventually spread all over the body. So, you need to be very careful while purchasing the skin products.

Itchy Rash All Over The Body Due To Dermatitis:

Dermatitis is one more condition which can cause itchy rash along with bumps all over the body. This is commonly referred as Eczema and it is usually induced by dry skin and is more common during the colder months of the year. Contact with allergens or irritant chemicals, exposure to excessive water can also cause dermatitis. This skin rash may appear dry, red and itchy. You should avoid scratching, as it can make the rash worse. Apply OTC 1% hydrocortisone cream, 2 times in a week and also use moisturizing cream as often as possible so as to keep the skin dryness away. Make sure that you visit a dermatologist in case there is no improvement of the condition in few days.


Psoriasis is one more condition where there is a itchy rash all over the body. Usually it begin as small and itchy rash that occur as red patches with white scales, in some parts of the skin and that can soon appear anywhere on the skin or all over the body. Prescription treatment for psoriasis usually include vitamin D-derived creams with or without topical steroids, sun light or medical UV-therapy. You need to consult your dermatologists and take the prescribed treatments.

Molluscum Contagiousum:

Itchy rashes that are common to children and is caused by a virus, is Molluscum contagiosum. These rashes takes the form of tiny, raised bumps or Mollusks on the surface of the skin, that are 2 mm to 5 mm in diameter. The color of the rash changes from pale, red flesh color to graying white or yellow. Each of the bumps has a small dent in the center. These can be found all over the body, individually or in clusters. Generally, these itchy rashes disappear without treatment after a few weeks or may also persist for several months or years.

Heat Rashes All Over The Body:

Heat can also cause rashes all over the body. Excessive sweating during hot days is mainly responsible for the occurrence of such skin rashes all over the body. In case of heat rash, there are small red blisters and bumps on the entire body. Such rashes can also occur as a side effect of certain medicines.


Impetigo can occur on any part of the body that has a break in the skin or has a wound in the skin. In this case, an itchy rash generally results from a scratch, bite or minor irritation that has become infected with Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria. The wound becomes moist and red, with pus and eventually turn yellowish scabs. The bacteria may spread on the skin at various parts of the body if the wound is scratched and this cause more sores developing over the course of a few days and can last 4-6 days before drying up and forming scabs. Usually oral antibiotics are required to treat impetigo.


Cellulitis is a localized skin infection that is caused by Streptococcus bacteria. The skin becomes hot, swollen and red in one particular area that is clearly delineated from healthy skin. Sometimes it can be accompanied by fever and a reduced general health condition. Cellulitis must be evaluated properly and promptly treated, as the infection may rapidly spread all over the body and there may be itchy rash all over the body.

Fungal Rash:

Fungal rashes are the skin infections that are caused by two specific types of fungi, known as tinea and candida. Tinea infections are known as ringworm and are oval or ring-shaped lesions that are itchy, scaly and slightly raised. These rashes can be found on the scalp, nails, face and also all over the body. Candida infections may occur in babies in the diaper regions; however they may also occur in children of any age.

Chicken Pox:

The chicken pox rash begins as red marks on the body or the face that resembles a mosquito bite. Within a few hours, the marks develop into fluid-filled blisters that burst later and leave scabs. Chicken pox can be easily recognized because the skin around the vesicles is normal. Fever, blisters in mouth and congestion are some other symptoms of chicken pox. The rashes are extremely itchy and there is a danger of bacterial infection in the skin, which can spread to other organs or parts of the body. Chicken pox is quite contagious and is common in a number of children. Most children in the United States, now receive the vaccine for chicken pox.

Scarlet Fever:

Scarlet fever is caused by the Streptococcal infection of the throat. Symptoms here include a sore throat, high fever and a rash that starts on the neck and face and then soon spreads down all over the body. The skin reddens and there are small bumps all over. The region around the mouth is often spared and appears pale. The rash disappears after 4-5 days, and the skin often begins to peel, especially on the fingertips.

Rubela And Measles:

Rubella and measles have a generalized rash of small, flat red spots all over the body that are itchy along with symptoms of fever, cough and malaise. Now, Rubella and measles have become rare diseases in the United States.

Fifth Disease:

Fifth disease is one more disease that causes itchy rashes all over the body. It is a viral disease that begins with mild symptoms of cold and fever. The rash here appears only after a week and significant redness on the cheeks and paleness around the mouth give the appearance of the slapped cheek. In some cases, the rash spreads down the body. However, the palms and the soles are often not affected. The rash can have a lacy appearance, they might be itchy and may usually last for about 1-3 weeks.

Treatments Of Itchy Rash All Over The Body

Treating itchy rash all over the body; basically depends on the underlying cause. However, some of the general ways to treat itchy rashes include the following.

Topical Antiseptic Or Antibacterial Treatment:

Bacterial skin infections are required to be treated with a topical antiseptic or antibacterial treatment. Topical treatment is basically sufficient; however, oral antibiotics are also sometimes essential.

Oral Antihistamines:

You need to take oral antihistamines so as to reduce the itch and the rash. You need to take the antihistamines before bedtime, as the medicine usually makes you sleepy. Be aware that you must avoid antihistamine creams, as they can irritate the skin and make the skin itchy rash worse.

Cool Baths:

Cool baths with oatmeal generally eases an itchy rash. Apply calamine lotion or a baking soda solution to the rash, after you take the cool bath. Apply 1% hydrocortisone cream for localized itchy rashes, if the rash is not due to fungus, bacterial infection or chicken pox.

How To Prevent Itchy Rash All Over Body?

Below are some ways you can prevent itchy rash all over the body.

  • Avoid strong substances, such as detergents, soaps and perfumes that may irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to rashes and injury.
  • Do not wear tight-fitting clothing as it can irritate the skin.
  • In case the itchy rash is due to eczema that is generally due to dry skin, make use of moisturizing creams that would soften the skin.
  • Avoid foods or medications (after consulting with doctor) that might be causing the itchy rash.


So, now we are aware of some of the itchy rash all over the body. It must be known that the treatment of rash depends on the underlying cause. So, it is always advisable to consult your dermatologists in case you experience any such rash on your body.

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