Desynchronosis|Ways to Get Over Jet Lag: Causes, Symptoms, Natural Remedies

“Those who love to fly, are much known to the obstacles letting them down. This is where they love finding the measures to fight the negative energy.” Are you a frequent traveler who travels by air very often through different time zones? If yes! It might happen you must be feeling a kind of fatigue or some kinds of irritating symptoms like upset stomach with irregular bowel moments or nausea etc. Now taking a deep look upon these symptoms, one can come up with the diagnosis of a condition termed as Desynchronosis. These specialized ill conditions seen in most of the air travelers are also commonly known as Jet Lag or the Flight fatigue. In the current article we will be discussing on this particular condition of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis in a detailed manner, where we will be pointing out the various causes and symptoms along with the treatment procedures, the natural remedies and some of the preventive measures for the same. So now, if you are one amongst that regular jet traveler, go for a deadly reads on the following array of the article and try giving a tough race to the temporary disorder of Jet Lag if you are suffering or prevent the same from attacking you if you have not yet encountered with.

Know About Jet Lag or Desynchronosis in Brief: Introduction

Jet Lag or Desynchronosis is a kind of temporary disorder where the sufferer meets with symptoms like fatigue, anxiety, irregular bowel moments, stress, nausea etc. Such a condition is mostly seen in the frequent flight travelers who have their job of air traveling very often from one time zone to another. This sick condition of health is also known as flight fatigue or Desynchronosis or time zone change disorder. Some believe that Jet Lag or Desynchronosis occurs when there is disruption in the internal body biological clock where the patient also meet with irregular sleep issues; and thus it is also known as Circadian rhythm sleep disorder.
Now coming down to the various causes and symptoms of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis, here we are with the current section to keep the discussion.

What Causes Jet Lag or Desynchronosis?

As mentioned earlier in the content, Jet Lag or Desynchronosis is a temporary condition seen in the frequent travelers; so the main reason behind the occurrence of such a disorder is the frequent traveling between varied time zones. It is to be noted that the more frequent you travel from one time zone to another; more is the chance for getting a hold from the ill attack of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis. It is like, when we travel between different time zone regularly the internal body clock gets desynchronized or goes out of synchronization and thus the symptoms of irregular sleep, nausea, headache, fatigue, and diarrhea or upset stomach etc. are seen.
Our body is accustomed to a particular synchronization based upon our time zone, where we live. But when time zone changes very often with traveling, the regular pattern of the circadian rhythms also meets with a change and thus causing the sick symptoms of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis.

What Causes Jet Lag or Desynchronosis

Symptoms of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis:

Here are the following noted symptoms of Jet Lag or the Desynchronosis or the Flight Fatigue.

  • Headache and irritation
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea, vomiting and dehydration
  • Upset stomach/irregular bowel moments or diarrhea
  • Insomnia or irregularities in sleep where the sufferer might be feeling very sleepy during daytime or must be a lost night sleep is a common symptom of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis.
  • Memory loss, impaired judgment and confusion in mind in some cases.

Ways To Get Over Jet Lag or Desynchronosis:

Someone has rightly said somewhere, “If you want to fly, cut short all those wastes which take your flight down.” Now in order to keep your flight of life run smooth, you surely need to have the symptoms of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis or flight fatigue treated as best as possible and get rid of the disorder from the existence of its early signs. So look below for various treatments available for treating Jet Lag or Desynchronosis. Here we come up with the common Jet Lag treatments.

Various Therapies for Jet Lag or Desynchronosis:

Drug/Medicinal Therapy to Get Over Jet Lag or Desynchronosis:

“There is always a medicine discovered for every illness.” The most known treatment for Jet Lag or Desynchronosis comes with the drug therapy, where there is the use of certain medicines for treating or eradicating the temporary symptoms of the disorder.

  1. Sedatives like Zopiclone, or zolpidem are used for treating Jet Lag or Desynchronosis or flight fatigue in an effective way. However there are some noted side effects of this drug. A 10 mg of zolpidem is considered as an effective dose.
  2. Melatonin is another effective drug for the treatment of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis and must be taken in the correct dose from a prescribed doctor. Usually 5 mg of melatonin a day is considered the optimal dose. Usually 5 mg of melatonin is taken for the treatment.
  3. A combined medicinal treatment of Melatonin and Zopiclone or zolpidem; is another type of drug therapy known for Jet Lag or Desynchronosis.

Light Therapy to Get Over Jet Lag or Desynchronosis: Treatment via light box

Light therapy is used as a magical treatment for the Jet Lag or Desynchronosis or the time zone change disorder. Here there is a use of Light Box which helps you alert your mind to keep you awake while the day time and put off the alert mind during night aiding you in sound & relaxed sleeping. It is believed that a light box, a small device helps you shift our circadian rhythm while we travel by flight across different time zones. You can use the light box in the night that would help you excite your desire to sleep. It can also be used for alerting your body and mind when you wake up late in the morning. This way you can cope up with the sleep irregularities. Thus, light therapy helps you control on when to sleep and when to keep self awake during the air traveling.

Natural Remedies for Jet Lag or Desynchronosis:

  • A Healthy Diet to Help You Cope with Jet Lag or Desynchronosis: A naturally balanced and prescribed diet for Jet Lag or Desynchronosis is available to be followed so as to keep self treated from the ill effect of the temporary disorder. This is actually considered that an anti-Jet Lag diet is highly essential so as to treat the effects or the symptoms of Jet Lag or desynchronosis. The effective healthy and prescribed diet for the flight fatigue includes a high protein rich breakfast diet, one non-vegetarian feast diet during day time and one fast diet which includes light meal during night. There are some Don’ts in this prescribed diet therapy which describes about avoiding excessive coffee, tea and avoiding alcohol while on the flight.
  • Treating Jet Lag or Desynchronosis via Natural Sleeping Aid: There are some natural treatments available for proper sleep during the air travel and helps in treating the sleep related irregular symptoms of Jet Lag or Desynchronosis. A natural herb named Velerian helps in getting you the sleep when you lack it during flight hours while traveling between varied time zones. It is considered as a great effective natural treatment as it not only helps you fight with the temporary sleep disorder symptoms but also is known for its risk-free effects where you do not meet with any side effects while taking it.

How Melatonin Can Help With Jet Lag or Desynchronosis?

Melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in human body and helps in letting your brain know, it is the time for your body to sleep. This is thus also known as the “sleep hormone” and is released during the evening hours and peaks its release during the night. The hormone follows a circadian path and aids our body to adjust ourselves as per the naturally occurring circadian rhythm.

As a treatment for Jet Lag or the Circadian rhythm sleep disorder; melatonin hormones are taken orally in the form of tablets or the melatonin pills of about 5 mg. Taking these pills before the natural bedtime helps in alerting our desire to sleep and thus help in getting sound & healthy sleep during the nights on flight, when your body finds it difficult to sleep.

Few Tips to Cope up with Jet Lag or Desynchronosis Conditions: Preventive Measures for Jet Lag

“There are always tips ready for every bold attempt in your life.” It is suggested to follow the below mentioned tips before getting set to leave for a travel across different time zone, or before the flight journey. Check these few tips to cope up with Jet Lag conditions

  • Adjust your body to the changing or the new flight schedule; far before you are leaving for the air travel across different time zone to avoid getting Jet Lag. Keep habituated towards the new sleep time and the new mealtime before the journey and get self prepared for the new schedule.
  • Avoid taking enough of coffee, tea during the travel and completely restrict alcohol.
  • Prefer wearing loose clothing while you are traveling by flight and prevent self from the fatigue symptom of Jet Lag.
  • Use eye mask and ear plugs while the journey.
  • Keep the sleeping pills medicines to treat the Jet Lag symptoms like diarrhea or the irregular bowel movements, headache etc. with you while traveling via air.

“Safeguarding self from the encounter of any attack is the best way to fight against that begins before the actual strive begins.” So go for these above mentioned preventive measures before you are ready for the air travel and protect you from the attack of flight fatigue or the temporary disorder of Jet Lag.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:August 29, 2022

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