Can I have a Reconstructive Surgery at the Same Time as a Mastectomy?

The process of removing the breast in order for the cancer to stop from spreading in your body or to prevent the attack of cancer is termed as mastectomy. If a node or a lump develops in the breast, often the doctor suggests that the breast needs to be removed. This procedure of removing a breast sometimes along with the nipple and the lymph nodes is known as mastectomy.

Breast reconstruction is the procedure to building up the lost breast again. Such a process is usually carried out by implantation. The breast surgeon makes an incision; oval-shaped on your nipple and then pulls out all the breast tissues. If you are at the first stage of cancer your original nipple is preserved by making the incision in an area under the breast or around the nipple. If you are at a serious stage of cancer, the surgeon will also remove the required lymph nodes from under your arm. The breast is then either filled with tissues and nodes taken from the other parts of the body or filled with silicon (implantation) and then allows tissues to regenerate and heal the breast.

Can I have a Reconstructive Surgery at the Same Time as a Mastectomy?

Can I have a Reconstructive Surgery at the Same Time as a Mastectomy?

Before you choose to undergo mastectomy you should get the estimate for the surgery. You should review your reports with the local doctor who knows your medical history and get the confirmation from at least 3 board-certified doctors. Breast reconstruction is the procedure will follow after the mastectomy is done. If the patient is undergoing a skin-sparring mastectomy, then the breast, the nipple and the lymph nodes are removed, but the skin is left untouched. Within six hours of mastectomy the process of breast reconstruction can begin. The overall time for both the surgery is about six hours.

One can have the reconstructive surgery at the same time as a mastectomy. The process is termed as immediate reconstruction. You can easily avoid one more surgery. You can also go back to a normal life sooner. Both the surgeries occur within the gap of few hours and you are under local anesthesia during that time. You can wake to a new breast of breasts, which is much more easy and helpful for you than choosing to not undergo a breast reconstructive surgery. You will also be psychologically stable therefore making several doctors suggest the patients to undergo immediate reconstruction than undergoing a breast reconstruction later on.

What Should Be Kept In Mind While Undergoing A Reconstructive Surgery At The Same Time As a Mastectomy?

Contact Specialists: Always discuss with your oncologist, the breast cancer surgeon, the treatment team treating your case related to oncology and your cosmetic surgeon to find out which is the best way for you to go about. All the mentioned people will influence your decision. It is always preferred to have a second opinion.

Healing Time: If you are undergoing the reconstructive surgery after mastectomy by implantation, you will need less time to heal, you will not be opened up again at the operation table, there will be no more places for scars, but you will lose the feeling of having a real breast. You can therefore also choose the method of replacing the tissues collecting healthy tissues from other parts of the body and allowing a natural process of healing since not all the patients want to lose the feel of having real breasts.

Knowledge about the Disease: You must also be aware of the facts like what kind of breast cancer are you suffering from, what is the condition of the damaged tissue or tissues and what is the experience of the plastic surgeon before you choose to undergo immediate reconstruction along with mastectomy.

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