When is it Safe to Start Exercising After a Cone Biopsy?

A cone biopsy is a surgical procedure, performed to remove a cone shaped tissue from the cervix for further examination and analysis. A cone biopsy procedure is carried out to diagnose and recognize the presence of cervical cancer in females, especially when the PAP exam has revealed any abnormal cells. Although the cervix heals over time, but it is crucial to know when is it safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy.

Cervix is the substructure portion of the uterus that connects the uterus to the vagina of a female. During childbirth the cervix dilates or opens and the menstrual blood actually flows through this part of uterus to the vagina and then out of the body. Cone biopsy may also be performed as a part of treatment to remove the precancerous cells from the cervix of females. This is the most extensive type of biopsy because the doctor needs to extract the deeper layer of the cervical tissue to examine under microscope. Based on the size and severity of the cone biopsy, the doctors may ask you to avoid certain physical activities and exercises. Although the cervix will heal over time, but you must know carefully when is it safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy?

When is it Safe to Start Exercising After a Cone Biopsy?

After a cone biopsy, patients are not required to use any tampons for at least 3-4 weeks in order to give full chance to the cervix to heal aptly. The surgical procedure may impact your physical activities and exercises after few days. You must avoid all high impact exercises like aerobics, running, team sports and more for at least 1-2 weeks following cone biopsy to reduce the chance of bleeding. Patients may continue with their regular physical activities gradually for 2-3 weeks after the cone biopsy. Patients must consult their doctors and healthcare providers prior to returning to their regular exercises and sports as they can provide you the exact time when it is safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy. The doctor will let you know whether it safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy, depending upon any symptoms that you may be having and the progress of healing.

Recovery after a Cone Biopsy

Recovery after a Cone Biopsy

In majority of patients undergoing cone biopsy, the surgical site usually heals within 4-6 weeks. According to medical professionals, it is always best to avoid more strenuous activities and exercises during the healing period following cone biopsy. Exercises like weight lifting, sports activities and more vigorous athletic pursuits must be avoided during the healing phase of the surgical site. It is necessary to consult your doctor before you involve in any physical activities and know if it is safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy.

Complications Following Cone Biopsy

Exercising before the surgical site is completely healed can lead to serious consequences by damaging the affected tissues. It may lead to bleeding if you exert too much after the procedure. Damages to the cervical tissue due to over exertion can also increase the chance of cervical infection and scarring. It may also make the cervix weak, resulting in indirect injury to the cervix from physical activities. In some cases, it may also cause problem with fertility and menstruation. So, consult your doctor immediately if you notice any changes in your menstruation or bleeding after a cone biopsy. These are the signs of serious problem which will be evaluated by the doctors. Even after 6 weeks if you feel fine, it is necessary to consult and know when it is safe exercising after a cone biopsy, to avoid certain possible complications.

Precautions When You Start Exercising After a Cone Biopsy

After six weeks when your doctor gives you green signal to carry on with your workouts, make sure you start gradually within the normal level physical activities. Start gradually with normal exercises and increase the frequency, intensity and duration of the exercises as your endurance and stamina improves after the surgical procedure. This is important to reduce the risk of consequences after a cone biopsy.

Although now, it may be safe to start exercising, it is advisable to seek consultation from doctors and fitness experts to know the precise exercises to start with after a cone biopsy. They will recommend you the best exercises which you need to perform after a cone biopsy to recover faster and prevent undesirable effects.

Anytime, even after 6 weeks, if you bleed heavily after performing your exercises, then stop performing the physical activities and call your doctor immediately to confirm the cause of bleeding. You doctor will tell you if the bleeding is because of exercise or other reasons. They will also check to ensure that the cervix is healing. They may ask you to stop exercising for another few weeks if the symptoms and condition is serious.

Instructions After a Cone Biopsy

  • You are required to use pads for the vaginal discharge. In the initial days of the procedure, it is normal to experience vaginal discharge which resembles a menstrual period. However, it may vary for each woman. After 2-3 weeks, the vaginal discharge will stop and clear.
  • You must avoid inserting anything inside the vagina until your healthcare provider confirms your cervix is completely healed. This may include using douches, tampons and having vaginal intercourse.
  • Just after the procedure you are required to drink plenty of liquids and eat healthy diet for quick healing of cervix
  • You are required to take showers instead of tub bath and avoid soaking in water of bathtub until your doctor confirms the healing of the cervix.
  • Apart from exercises, you must also avoid heavy housework, strenuous chores at home and lifting of objects over 10 pounds for at least 1-2 months.
  • The next period may be delayed and you may experience heavier flow of blood in your next menstruation
  • Call your doctor to fix your first appointment after the procedure and ensure to ask the doctor about the diet and exercises. It is good to resume your exercises, but get proper advice if it is safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy

It is necessary to consult your doctor, if you have high fever, heavy bleeding, abdominal pain or cramps during the recovery period. Any similar symptom noted after you start exercising should also be reported. It is best to follow proper medical advice and take gradual steps as regards physical activity. As the condition of every patient is different and the healing process may vary, make sure you consult your doctor to know when it is safe to start exercising after a cone biopsy.

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