How Long Before You Can Start Workout After Laminectomy?

About Laminectomy:

Laminectomy is a form of a back surgery done normally for treatment of spinal stenosis. Laminectomy works by relieving pressure off of the spine where the spine is compressed or narrowed thus providing symptom relief to the patient. During a laminectomy procedure the surgeon removes the lamina which is a part of the bone forming the vertebral arch in the spinal cord. Additionally, any osteophytes that may have formed causing compression of the spinal cord may also be removed, as these osteophytes may cause severe pain in the back along with neurological symptoms like numbness or weakness radiating down the lower extremities, and ambulation difficulties.

There will also be bladder and bowel control problems as a result of the compression or narrowing of the spinal cord or in medical terms spinal stenosis. Laminectomy is only done as a last resort when all other forms of treatment fail to relieve the symptoms of the patient and the daily life of the patient is severely compromised.

While laminectomy is quite a safe procedure, quite a lot of patients ask the question as to when they can get back to their workout or exercise routine post laminectomy surgery. This article gives a brief overview of how long should an individual wait to workout after laminectomy.

How Long Before You Can Start Workout After Laminectomy?

How Long Before You Can Start Workout After Laminectomy?

Most of the neurosurgeons are of the opinion that post a laminectomy surgery an individual should not lift objects more than 10 pounds for about three months after surgery. It is also recommended that the patient should not bend, twist, push or pull for a period of at least two to three months after the laminectomy surgery. The patient should also avoid any sporting activities which may put excessive stress on the spine and aggravate the condition.

Aerobic workout activities are also something that needs to be avoided for a period of about three months after a laminectomy procedure. Studies have suggested that an individual should limit physical activities and any workout regimen for at least four months after the laminectomy procedure.

After a couple of months following laminectomy, the individual can begin basic stretching exercises but should not do any sort of weightlifting or other exercise routine that puts stress on the spine. The individual can continue with this regimen for a period of four months before returning back to normal workout regimen at the behest of the treating physician and surgeon post a laminectomy procedure.

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