5 Tests Important for Men Before Planning a Baby

5 Tests Important for Men Before Planning a Baby

When it comes to planning a baby, the male counterpart plays as important a role as the female counterpart and therefore it is important to understand the significance of testing of males before planning a baby. Though the mother carries the baby for nine months after the fertilization of the egg, however, this process cannot be initiated if the future father does not have the required indispensables. Once the above statement is understood, it is now important to shortlist which are the things that are required to be checked in men before a couple can plan a baby.

Previous medical history of men for starters, is one of the major criteria to be analyzed, as there are a number of genetic factors, which get transmitted in the genes from one generation to the other and to avoid any complication that can arise from a particular line of DNA, a glance should be spared towards the possible harm it can cause to the baby. Other tests that are essential for the father include a few laboratory tests and a detailed examination of the penis, scrotum, testes and prostate. These tests help identify a problem before it can cause any harm and hence they must be performed before planning a baby. A list of certain tests that are important for men before planning a baby has been compiled below:

5 Tests Important for Men Before Planning a Baby

Urine Test For Men before Planning a Baby

One of the most common tests, a urinary test is extremely important for men before planning a baby. This test is conducted to rule out presence of urinary tract infections. Unlike women, an infection in the male urinary tract can affect male fertility and conception. Owing to the structure of the male reproductive system, organisms in the man’s bladder and urethra can spread to his reproductive tract. Such a spread of bacteria to the prostate gland and other reproductive structures can lower the sperm count and decrease the sperm motility and other semen factors. Thus, urine test to check urinary tract infections, before planning a baby is extremely important in men, as any problems with the urinary system can cause infertility if not diagnosed and treated on time. So a urine test becomes one of the first important tests for men to undergo before planning a baby.

Semen Analysis Test for Men before Planning a Baby

Semen Analysis test is done to check the volume of semen, sperm structure, sperm motility, sperm maturity, actual sperm count, and the liquidity of the semen. For men planning to have a baby, it is of utmost importance to have healthy sperm, as without it, it is impossible to fertilize the egg. A normal semen report is reassuring, and the test is not required to be done again, however, if the sperm count is less, it would be required to check whether the sperm is persistently unhealthy or not. If the semen analysis test shows unhealthy sperm, then the father should consult a doctor and look for remedial measures.

Testosterone & Follicle Stimulating Hormonal Level Tests for Men before Planning a Baby

These are evaluated to check the state of sperm production. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is a hormone released by the pituitary gland in the brain. Known to stimulate testicular growth in men, FSH hormone plays a significant role in male fertility. Without adequate FSH levels it may be difficult or even impossible to create a normal sperm, which can lead to infertility. These levels can be examined through a simple blood test. If the FSH levels are higher than normal range, it displays improper functioning of the testicles, which can be because of a range of reasons. Mostly uncommon, if the FSH levels are lower than the required levels, it implies an improper functioning of the pituitary gland in the brain.

Testosterone is a male hormone, which plays an important role in the fertility of men. It is important that men have adequate levels of testosterone so testing testosterone levels is also important for men before planning a baby.

Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in Men before Planning a Baby

There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases, which can lead to infertility or even a miscarriage in pregnant women. Since pregnancy does not protect the mother or the child from the harms of an STD, it is of utmost importance that the father should get himself tested for any sexually transmitted disease before planning a baby. Other than reacting badly with women who are already pregnant, an STD can affect the fertility course of men too. There are certain diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea which can go undiagnosed and eventually cause extreme harm. Therefore, a test must be done beforehand to ensure that such diseases don’t affect your chances of getting pregnant.

Optional Tests for Men before Planning a Baby

Apart from the above mentioned tests, there are a number of other tests too which can be done to ensure the healthy working of the male reproductive system. Some of these tests include:

  • Serum Luteinizing & Prolactin Hormone Levels Test: This test can be done if the physician feels the requirement for it.
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound may be done to detect varicocele or reproductive tract obstruction in men before planning a baby.
  • Testicular Biopsy: Lastly this test can be done to check whether the sperm production is impaired or if there is any blockage along the tract.

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