5 Symptoms of Infertility in Men & Women

Infertility is a common problem that both men and women face around the world; however, there are a few signs and symptoms in both men and women that can point out to infertility, even before conception is attempted. Listed below are some prominent symptoms of infertility in both men and women. Read further to know more.

5 Symptoms of Infertility in Men & Women

5 Symptoms of Infertility in Men

Symptoms of infertility in men can be present much before a male tries for conception with his partner or spouse. It is important to note that there are hardly any outward signs of infertility in men and infertility needs to be determined with a semen analysis; however, certain signs can be indicative of infertility in men and which need to be followed up with a semen analysis.

#1. Decreased Sex Drive

A decreased sex drive is one of the most common signs of infertility in men. The desire for sex is primarily driven by hormones and poor hormone health resulting in decreased virility can often be indicative of infertility in men.

#2. Painful or Swollen Testicles

Multiple causes can result in swollen or painful testicles, which almost always results in infertility in men. These symptoms can show up at any time including before a man attempts conception with a partner or spouse. Swollen or painful testicles are best checked by a doctor who may recommend a semen analysis.

#3. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction pertaining to the inability to maintain an erection can be a symptom of infertility in men long before one even tries for conception with his partner. Erectile dysfunction is quite widespread and is a common symptom of infertility in men; and consulting a doctor is recommended for prompt treatment.

#4. Inability to Ejaculate

The inability to ejaculate is bound to result in problems with conception for men. Sperms exit the male testes by means of ejaculation and in the absence of sperms there is no means for natural conception. So men should not ignore this symptom of infertility and seek proper treatment immediately for a successful conception.

#5. Abnormally Shaped Testicles

Ideally, the testicles should be rather large, loose and hanging in adult males. This is a sign of sexual maturity. Small and firm testicles can be a symptom of infertility in men and this problem needs to be attended by a doctor.

5 Symptoms of Infertility in Women

There are various symptoms of infertility that women must look out for. These symptoms often present themselves long before the proactive efforts to conceive are started. The most prominent and apparent of these symptoms are as listed below.

#1. Menstruation Irregularity

Irregularity of a woman’s menstruation cycle can be largely indicative of infertility in women. This issue can crop up much before an effort to conceive is made and should be indicative of problems with conception later in life. The average menstruation cycle of a woman is 28 days, but this is subject to change on an individual basis. A few days earlier or later is not a cause for concern as long as the menstrual cycle is consistent, but a lack of consistency and conspicuous irregularity needs to be checked by a gynecologist. Greatly varying periodic cycles with no means of predicting the next period is a symptom of hormonal issues or polycystic ovarian syndrome; both of which affect the fertility of a woman.

#2. Painful Periods with A Heavy Flow

A painful period accompanied by a heavy discharge is a symptom of infertility in women and can be acknowledged as a common symptom. Endometriosis, which is a widespread gynecological issue, can result in infertility and is mostly characterized by painful periods accompanied by a heavy discharge and needs to be addressed immediately for a successful conception

#3. Missing Periods

Missing a period once in a while is commonplace and can be caused by various factors, but when a women has no periods over the course of many months; it can be indicative or a symptom of infertility. A gynecologist is the best person to make any diagnosis in these circumstances; however, this is another glaring symptom of infertility in women.

#4. Hormonal Fluctuations

Like men; women have certain hormones that govern female sexuality and fertility. The levels of these hormones are prone to change and these changes can largely affect the ability to conceive. There are various symptoms of hormone fluctuations that can also be indicative of infertility. Some of these are as listed below.

  • Dermatological issues.
  • Decreased sex drive.
  • Excess facial hair growth.
  • Hair loss.
  • Weight gain.

#5. Unpleasant and Painful Sex

Women can often experience unpleasant and painful sex for most of their lifetimes without realizing that this is not normal. Painful sex can be a symptom of hormonal imbalances and endometriosis, which are also common causes for infertility in women.


In conclusion; infertility is a common problem in both men and women; however, infertility is treatable to a large extent depending on the underlying cause of infertility. Symptoms of infertility are not always present and fertility tests for both men and women need to be done to accurately diagnose the cause behind the failure to conceive. Modern medicine has made infertility largely treatable, so when you do experience any of the symptoms listed above; do not panic and do visit a specialist to get it treated.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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