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Vasectomy Side Effects & Can Vasectomy Cause ED?

Vasectomy is a surgical procedure used by men who are willing to become permanently sterile. When a man is sterile, he is no longer able to have a family with his partner. In this article, we will discuss the vasectomy side effects and if vasectomy can cause ED or erectile dysfunction.

Vasectomy Side Effects & Can Vasectomy Cause ED?

Vasectomy Side Effects:

Vasectomy is a common surgical procedure that involves the clamping and cutting of the vas deferens. This inhibits the ability of sperm from being ejaculated in semen and thus prevents conception. Though many men undergo this procedure, there are several long term side effects some men experience after vasectomy. Let us read below to know about the side effects of vasectomy and also know if it can cause ED or Erectile Dysfunction in men.

An estimated 175,000–526,000 vasectomies are performed in the United States every year.1 common side effects related to the vasectomy procedure are discussed below.

Pain and Swelling:

Like any surgery, vasectomy too has the risk of pain and swelling around the site of surgery. Orchitis or epididymitis is commonly observed in many cases after a vasectomy. Symptoms of this type of condition included pain, swelling, tenderness of the epididymis or testis. However, this is very common and can be easily treated with warm applications and medicines.

Sperm Granulomas:

During the surgery of vasectomy, the vas deferens is severed and then tied or blocked off to prevent leakage of sperm. In some men, sperm granulomas can develop after the process of vasectomy, which too is becoming common now.2 These are miniature lumps caused when sperm leaks out from the cut end of the vas deferens soon after the surgery. Some men can feel these lumps in their testicles, which can cause pain and inflammation. Surgery is required to correct this condition in case there is severe discomfort from the sperm granulomas.

The Fear Of Sexual Performance in Men After Vasectomy:

Many men may feel nervous and fear that vasectomy will cause long-term problems with their ability to maintain an erection, have an orgasm or feel pleasure while having sex; as the surgery involves the sexual organs.

Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome:

There might be a rare complication or side effect of vasectomy, which is known as PVPS or post-vasectomy pain syndrome. This condition, with no cause, is identified by chronic, long-term pain and discomfort that is felt in the testicles and lower pelvic region after the vasectomy surgery. Some men may treat the condition with medication, nerve blocks or psychiatric care to learn how to cope with the pain. However, some other men may also undergo a vasectomy reversal.

Prostate Cancer Side Effects:

Doctors during the 1980s and 1990s were concerned that vasectomy surgery might increase the risk of prostate cancer for some men. However, several reputable studies in the years the 1990s and 2000s discounted this claim. Studies have concluded that vasectomy does not increase the risk of prostate cancer.3 However, some studies still suggest that there is controversy over the possibility of prostate cancer risk after vasectomy.4

Can Vasectomy Cause ED?

Getting ED or Erectile Dysfunction is very rare from vasectomy. The strongest link associated between vasectomy and ED is mainly emotional. Depression and stress from vasectomy can increase your chances of ED after vasectomy. If you are worried about ED occurring after vasectomy then you must find comfort that there is no real connection between the two.

Ideally, the physical process of getting an erection must not be affected by having a vasectomy. The vasectomy procedure is unlikely to have any physical effect on a man’s ability to get or to sustain an erection. However, as there are also emotional processes involved with the physical process of vasectomy where men get nervous, stressed or tense, some men may find that they are experiencing ED after vasectomy. The risk of men experiencing ED would be the same whether vasectomy is done or not. Men who have already experienced ED before vasectomy may still experience it afterward.

Though there is no real link between vasectomy and ED; yet if you are suffering from ED after vasectomy then you need to take medical help immediately. You can talk to your doctor and get rid of the problem by taking the necessary treatments. Usually, lifestyle changes do help and taking prescribed medications would solve the problem. However, you need to be free and discuss your problem with your doctor and take appropriate action.

Do Men Put On Weight After Vasectomy?

There might also be a concern if vasectomy may cause weight gain or weight loss in men undergoing the procedure. However, vasectomy does not affect the weight of a man. It is advisable to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to maintain an ideal weight.


We now know some of the side effects of vasectomy. It is also clear that vasectomy does not directly cause ED. However, in case you are experiencing ED after vasectomy or if there are any other side effects after the procedure, do consult with your doctor.


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