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What Is A Halimeter & What Are Its Benefits?

Know More About Halimeter!

Bad breath can be actually very embarrassing. This may even keep you away from your friends, family and colleagues. You would surely want to know that this problem is known as halitosis and it is essential for you to pay attention towards it. Halimeter is a small machine that is used to take a reading of your breath and learn more about your breath(1). Let us read below and know more about halimeter and also know few of its benefits.

What Is A Halimeter?

What Is A Halimeter?

Halimeter is a small device used to identify and treat halitosis or bad breath and is used by commonly by dentists in a clinical setting. Halimeter device has the capacity to identify various chemicals and compounds that are present in the breath by just blowing air from the mouth into the tube of the device(1). This way, an exact cause of bad breath can be identified.

What is Halitosis?

Halitosis is a condition, which normally results due to one of these chemicals namely hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, and dimethyl sulfide(1). Once it is identified as to which chemical is causing bad breath, it becomes easier in treating Halitosis and eliminating bad breath completely.

How Does The Halimeter Work?

Halimeter is a small device that resembles a normal breath analyzer, which is commonly used by police officers to detect alcohol levels in the blood in suspected drunken driving cases. Halimeter is used to read your breath. Halimeter first came into use in the ‘70s to measure the levels of sulfur in the atmosphere(1). Later on, Halimeter was used for breath analysis. Halimeter is pretty easy to use, in that you just have to blow into the tube and the device instantly indicates the chemicals that are present in your breath. Halimeter is then frequently used in cases of bad breath to identify the chemicals present in your breath while you are on treatment to eliminate it.

It is always recommended to work on your bad breath problem with a dentist. Apart from administering a breath test using the halimeter, they will also give you a complete dental examination and note your health history. Doing so will unearth other causes of bad breath, such as like tooth decay that needs to be removed, gum disease, an abscess or a cavity.

What Are The Benefits of a Halimeter?

Halimeter Addresses the Root Cause of Halitosis(1). The primary benefit of Halimeter is that it helps in resolving the root cause of halitosis or bad breath. Halimeter makes it really easier for a dentist to determine what is causing bad breath. So, instead of just masking your bad breath with chewing gums, mints, breath sprays etc; a halimeter will help in completely getting rid of your bad breath.

Halimeter Also Helps Manage Chronic Halitosis(1). There is something also known as chronic halitosis. The difference between chronic halitosis and halitosis is that the former comes and goes regularly. There may be an underlying disease like heart problem, diabetes, liver disorders, hypertension etc. that may typically cause chronic halitosis. The only solution to chronic halitosis is making drastic changes to your diet and lifestyle. Dentists also find it easier to differentiate if the patient is suffering from acute or chronic halitosis with the help of Halimeter.

Halimeter Helps Pinpoint Oral Health Issues(1). One of the reasons for developing halitosis can be the gaps in between your teeth. Food debris gets stuck in the gaps and cause bad breath or halitosis. A Halimeter will make it easier for a dentist to check in case gaps between the teeth are causes of bad breath. And if they are, then your dentist will suggest different methods for teeth re-alignment to help reduce the gaps between your teeth and resolve halitosis.


You now know about some of the health benefits of halimeter. If you are finding it difficult to know about the cause of bad breath in you or your dear ones, then do reach a dentist and know about the underlying causes of bad breath and get yourself treated well.


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