What Is Micropigmentation Of Eyebrows & How Long Does It Last?

Micropigmentation of eyebrows is also known as a permanent make up and it is a real innovative cosmetic treatment procedure that enables both, women as well as men to boosts the shape of their eyebrows. Let us know more about the procedure and also know how long does the micropigmentation of eyebrows last.

What Is Micropigmentation Of Eyebrows?

Many people wonder about what is micropigmentation of eyebrows. Micropigmentation of eyebrows is a beauty treatment done for enhancing the shape of the eyebrows via the process of depositing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. Such treatment of micropigmentation is also done for enhancing the shape of hairline, lips, and many more. This is actually a smudge-free treatment that lasts for years and it is such a wonderful way to restore self confidence in people.

It must be noted that micropigmentation for eyebrows is good for both, women as well as men who love to enhance the shape or appearance of their eyebrows. It must also be informed that you can also continue with this cosmetic procedure even if you might have allergies to the traditional make-ups. Even for those wearing glasses, micropigmentation could be a great procedure.

How Is The Micropigmentation Of Eyebrows Performed?

In micropigmentation of eyebrows procedure, a small and thin needle along with hypoallergenic mineral pigment in inserted into the skin’s second layer so as to lightly contour and to enhance the eyebrows. This cosmetic treatment procedure differs from cosmetic tattoo in a way that it makes use of a different pigment than the tattoo ink and also it is less invasive. Moreover, the instrument that is used in micropigmentation is also slightly less advanced than the cosmetic tattoo devices.

The treatment procedure of micropigmentation of eyebrows takes around 20 minutes to 60 minutes and it is usually performed in an office setting and you can return home the same day itself. Though the procedure is least painful, some patients may receive anesthesia before the treatment for making it comfortable.

Following the treatment, you might experience some swelling in the treated area. However, your doctor would instruct you about what to do for reducing the swelling. Normally, applying ice frequently would work or applying an ointment can reduce the swelling.

You will also be provided with an antiseptic for cleaning the area that has been treated. You may also be advised by your specialist to avoid direct sunlight and also certain products, such as peroxide, which can have a negative effect on your treatment process.

You may also see your coloring appearing more intense, following the micropigmentation of eyebrows; however, this would fade gradually within a few weeks.

You must consult your doctor if you develop a rash or fever or even too much of swelling or burning in the treated area after the treatment.

ormal healing time after micropigmentation of eyebrows is between 4-7 days. However, you can usually resume your regular routine on the same day itself. But, make sure you take absolute care of the treated area.

How Long Does Micropigmentation Of Eyebrows Procedure Last?

There may be a gradual fading in case of all micropigmentation procedures. The time duration that the treatment of micropigmentation of eyebrows last would vary from person to person and it usually depends on the specific shade that has been used in the treatment. Most colors usually last 3-5 years, however some of them may not fade as long as about 10 years. For maintaining the desired look, periodic touchups are essential.

Now, why exactly this color fades? Well this is because our body does not retain pigment for long and the skin exfoliates the pigment naturally. This means the skin pushes out the inserted pigment out. There are people who have a faster exfoliating skin type and in such case the color fades in even less than 12 months and might require another touch up of the treatment.

This explains how long does micropigmentation of eyebrows last. But there are certain measures that can be taken to ensure that the treatment lasts longer.

What To Do To Make Micropigmentation Of Eyebrows Last Longer?

You can try out some things so as to make micropigmentation of eyebrows last longer. We have mentioned few of them below.

Avoid Using Sunbeds – You must not use sunbed as they are really terrible for the skin and can result in real damage. They can lift the pigment from under your skin and the time that the treatment lasts for would be reduced.

Ensure That You Allow Them Heal Immediately After The Treatment – Our body actually treats the treated area like a cut anywhere else on the body, after the micropigmentation of eyebrows treatment. It forms a small scab, just like you have cut yourself. It is thus very important that you take proper care and look not to damage the scab; else the pigment may come out. You must not rub the treated area for at least 14 days, must not get the treated area wet, exfoliate the treated portion, or pick at it.

Avoid Scrubbing The Area With An Exfoliator – Our aim after the micropigmentation of eyebrow is to let the pigment remain under our skin. If you exfoliate the eyebrows or the area of treatment, it can pull the pigments upwards. Though this would be painless, it can shorten the time duration before they fade.

Avoid Smoking And Excessive Consumption Of Alcohol – Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol affects the skin quality. Now, the better the quality of skin, the longer is the treatment’s lasting. So, you need to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, to allow the treatment last really longer.


Now we know a bit about the micropigmentation of eyebrows and also about how long it lasts. It is always important for you to find a doctor who is highly skilled, trained and well experienced in this cosmetic procedure while undergoing the treatment. Moreover, you must also properly discuss about the benefits, side effects as well as the after-care treatments before proceeding for the treatment. Keep it noted that some people might require two or even more treatments for achieving desired results and thus, you must also consult with your doctor about the same.

We also know that with time, the coloring will gradually fade. So, in order to maintain your look, you might require another treatment or take the necessary steps to let the treatment of micropigmentation of eyebrows last longer.

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