Causes of Ankle Joint Pain: Bursitis, Sprain, Tendonitis, Dislocation, Fracture

Ankle Joint Pain Is Caused By

  1. Ankle Joint Bursitis
  2. Ankle Joint Sprain
  3. Ankle Joint Tendonitis
  4. Ankle Joint Dislocation
  5. Ankle Joint Fracture

1. Ankle Joint Bursitis

  • Ankle Joint Bursitis is a painful condition.
  • Pain is observed with flexion, extension and rotation of the ankle.
  • Subcutaneous Calcaneal bursa is extremely painful during insertion of foot in shoes, pressure or touch over back of the foot.
  • Retrocalcaneal bursa is very painful during flexion and extension of ankle joint.
  • Bursa of medial malleolus is painful during internal rotation.

2. Ankle Joint Sprain or Ligamental Tear

Severity of Ankle Joint Sprain is described as follows-

  • Grade I Ankle Joint Sprain- Grade I ankle joint sprain is caused by mild to moderate injuries resulting in superficial scratch of the ligament.
  • Grade II Ankle joint Sprain- Intermediate injury caused by partial tear or deep laceration of ligament.
  • Grade III Ankle Joint Sprain- Severe injury of the ligament results in complete tear of the ligament.

3. Ankle Joint Tendonitis

Tendonitis is most often observed with following tendons-

  • Achilles tendon.
  • Peroneal tendon.
  • Posterior tibial tendon.

Ankle Joint Tendon Tear

  • Partial Tear of Tendon
  • Complete Tear of Tendon

4. Ankle Joint Dislocation

Ankle joint dislocation without fracture is very rare. Ankle joint dislocations are as follows-

  • Tibio-fibula Joint Dislocation
  • Tibio-Talur Joint Dislocation
  • Talo-Calcaneal Joint Dislocation

5. Ankle Joint Fracture

  • Ankle joint fracture is often associated with ankle joint dislocation.
  • Ankle twist during contact sport may follow a transmission of entire body weight through twisted ankle and results in fracture of ankle joint or fracture dislocation.
  • Accelerated direct impact of ankle joint may result in ankle joint dislocation or fracture.
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