8 Ankle Impingement Exercises

Exercises play an important role in treatment and recovery of Ankle Impingement. Symptoms of ankle impingement tend to resolve if these exercises are performed diligently and also regularly. Symptoms may resolve after this therapy without further intervention from the physical therapist, effective stretch should be maintained for at least half a minute as long as it is pain free.

10 Best Exercises for Faster Ankle Impingement Recovery

  1. Gastrocsoleus Stretching for Ankle Impingement.
  2. Ankle Plantar Flexion Exercise for Ankle Impingement.
  3. Ankle Eversion Exercise for Ankle Impingement.
  4. Ankle Inversion Exercise.
  5. Strengthening Exercises for Ankle Impingement.
  6. Dorsiflexor Strengthening Exercise for Ankle Impingement.
  7. Ankle Eversion Strengthening Exercise for Ankle Impingement.
  8. Ankle Inversion Strengthening Exercise for Ankle Impingement.
  9. Balance Exercises that are Essential after Treatment of the Ankle Impingement.
  10. Inversion or Eversion Balance Exercises for Ankle Impingement.