10 Yoga Poses for Scoliosis (Abnormally Curved Spine)

  • Yoga poses are extremely good to maintain our overall health.
  • Yoga asanas are quite effective and economical conservative treatment option for any medical condition, scoliosis is no exception.
  • Yoga for scoliosis is an excellent way to keep your spine healthy and improve the symptoms of scoliosis.
  • Yoga poses for scoliosis can augment the strength and flexibility of the spine.

Here We Present You With 10 Yoga Poses For Scoliosis Or Abnormally Curved Spine:

  1. “Virabhadrasana” or Warrior Pose to Correct Abnormally Curved Spine.
  2. “Trikonasana” or Triangle Pose
  3. “Marjariasana” or the Cat Pose for Curved Spine
  4. “Shishuasana” or Child Pose for Scoliosis
  5. “Paschimottanasana” or Seated Forward Bend Yoga Pose
  6. “Shalabhasana” or Locust Pose
  7. “Setu Bandh-Asana” or Bridge Pose to Correct Abnormally Curved Spine
  8. “Adho Mukha Svan-Asana” or Downward Facing Dog Pose
  9. “Sarvangasana” or Shoulder Stand Pose for Scoliosis
  10. “Shavasana” or Corpse yoga asana
Team PainAssist
Team PainAssist
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Last Modified On:August 29, 2019

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