Exercises for Knee Sprain

Exercises for a Knee Sprain

You can perform the knee exercises explained ahead after the complete recovery of the knee sprain in order to prevent any further injury or relapsing into it. Stretching exercises usually helps in improving the performance of the knee muscles. Do warm up exercises before stretching. You can also try riding a stationary bike for five minutes or take a short walk for 2 minutes with pumping your legs. You can also do push-ups along with calf raises. These techniques will help you benefit from your workout and thereby, reduce the risk of knee injury.

Straight Leg Raise Exercises for Knee Sprain

Straight leg raise exercises for a knee sprain are a simple exercise to start with. It helps in strengthening your biceps, muscles present in the front of your thigh. It does not put any strain on your knee. Lie down on your back and bend one knee while the other if flat on the floor. Try to keep the other leg straight and lift it to the height of opposite knee. Do it 10 to 15 times for 3 sets.

Hamstring Curls Exercise for Knee Sprain

Hamstrings are the muscles present in the back of your thigh. Hamstring curls for knee sprain involve lying flat on the stomach and slowly bringing the heels close to the buttock. Hold the position for some time and repeat. You can also perform while standing by holding a chair. Try to do three sets of 15. When you get comfortable increase the strength by adding ankle weights. Increase gradually from 1 to 3 to 5 pounds.

Closed Chain Exercises or Wall Squats for Knee Sprain

Closed chain exercises are also called as wall squats can aid in strengthening the knee joint and reduce the recurrence of knee sprain. These are advanced strengthening exercises in which you have to place your feet on the floor. Stand straight with the back against a wall and feet apart about shoulder-width. Then, gently bend your knees while keeping the back and pelvis still against the wall. Hold the position for up to 5-10 seconds. There is no need to bend in too deeply or there are chances of getting your knee injured. In case of any pressure or discomfort in the knees, change your position. Repeat it again and try to sit in the position for a few seconds more each time.

Step-Up Exercises for Knee Sprain

Step-Up exercises can really help in improving the blood flow for knee sprain. Position one leg on a step bench or on a platform which is 3 to 5 inches tall. Keep your pelvis in level and bend your knee. Then slowly bring the opposite foot to the floor. Touch the floor with your toe lightly and then rise back. It should be repeated about 10 to 15 times then switch to other leg. When you get comfortable with this exercise you can move to higher step or touch the heel instead of toe.

Prone Straight Leg Raise Exercises for Knee Sprain

Prone straight leg raise exercises for knee sprain stretches and increases the blood flow for the whole leg. Lie down on your stomach and keep your legs straight. Then, tighten the bottom muscles and the hamstring of one leg by lifting it towards the ceiling. Hold the position for 3 to 5 seconds, lower, and then repeat it. Try to do 10-15 lifts and after that switch sides. When you get comfortable add weights to the ankle. There should be no back pain. In case you get back pain then reduce the height of lift. If it is still painful then stop continuing and consult your doctor.

Leg Press Exercises for a Knee Sprain

Leg presses for a knee sprain is done by sitting on a leg-press machine against your back and head for support. Lie your feet flat on the foot plate. Make adjustment to the seat and pull it back till you feel comfortable. Then slowly push away the plate with the help of your legs until they are extended. Make sure that your knees remain unlocked. After that bend the knees and return to the starting position. Try to repeat three sets of 10-15 reps.