Liquid Vitamins Vs Capsules: Which Absorb Better?

Many of us take vitamin supplements at some point of the time. These vitamins could be either in liquid form or in form of pills or capsules. Now, what exactly are the differences between the liquid vitamins and capsules? Which absorbs better? Want to know about these? Then, read the following post and discover it.

Liquid Vitamins Vs Capsules: Which Absorb Better?

Liquid Vitamins Vs Capsules: Which Absorbs Better?

Capsules are two-piece gelatin capsules that are widely used in supplements and some medications. Though the capsules are considered to be easy-to-swallow and also for their ability to break down quickly in the stomach, than the tablets; when we compare them with the liquid vitamins, they really lag behind. This is because the liquid vitamins are easier to swallow and are easy on the body.

Liquid supplements are mostly preferred by users because of the belief that liquid supplements absorb faster and are therefore better forms than the capsule forms.

Researchers have found that our body absorbs liquid vitamins faster, and also at a higher rate, than the capsule forms of vitamins.

Now, it really makes sense when we think about it; a liquid is easier to break down than a solid. With a liquid vitamin, your body system does not have to spend enough time processing pills and getting then ready to digest. Rather, they are quickly and easily absorbed. This means, you start enjoying the energy and other benefits almost instantly with liquid vitamins. In fact, it is believed that almost 90% of each dose of liquid vitamins is absorbed within the first 30 seconds.

But again, taking this difference of liquid vitamins and capsules, in a different way; it can be said that, it is not that great enough to go for liquid supplements over capsules. This is because, when it comes to essential nutrients, it would be better with a slower absorption.


So, from above we can know that there is nothing that perfect. You can choose either liquid vitamins or the capsules. It really depends on the supplement you are taking and also knowing the pros and cons of each of these forms. Seek medical advices from your doctor and take the best form of vitamin that your body requires.

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