What are Adaptogens?|5 Best Adaptogen Supplements

What are Adaptogens?

Wondering what exactly is an Adaptogen? We’ll tell you. Any natural, generally a botanical, species which helps the body in maintaining a normalizing effect on all its functions and processes is called Adaptogen. Adaptogens simply help one adapt to their environmental and circumstantial psychological stressors. Ginseng, Acai, Guarana, Maca, Tribulus are some of the many botanical species with potent adaptogenic qualities. Many of these adaptogens are included in certain popular fitness supplements and other proprietary blended health supplements.

5 Best Adaptogen Supplements

Mentioned below are the 5 best Adaptogen supplements.

#1. Sun Horse Energy: Ultimate Energy

The most popular Adaptogen supplement in the world is Ultimate Energy from Sun Horse Energy. This formula is made from a blend of adaptogenic herbs procured from across the world. The company uses natural, high quality, bio-available herbs to help the body absorb all the beneficial compounds completely to boost overall health. This formula came into existence after 8 years of extensive research and its daily consumption can help in maintaining systemic balance in the body, improve physical resilience, and improve an individual’s ability to cope with various stressors. This adaptogen supplement is a super-food for the cells of the body and helps to normalize body functions, promotes longevity, elevates enzyme synthesis, relieves anxiety, improves sleep, and increases energy levels. Sun Horse Energy’s Ultimate Energy also helps to boost endurance, muscle output, concentration, respiratory capacity, and libido. The only problem with this adaptogen supplement is its limited availability.

#2. Dragon Herbs: Super Adaptogen

The next best leading adaptogen supplement is the Chinese herbal masterpiece – Dragon Herbs Super Adaptogen. A complete adaptogenic powerhouse from Dragon Herbs, this single formula adaptogen is one of the most powerful and effective supplements in the world. Super Adaptogen includes many extremely potent herbs, which specifically tone the Qi or the flow of energy in the body based on traditional Chinese medicine. This formula includes herbs like Ginseng, Rhodiola, Duanwood Reishi, Eucommia bark, Astragalus, Eleuthero Root, Goji Berry, He Shou, Gynostemma leaf, prepared Rehmannia root, Schizandra Fruit, Wu Root, Polygonatum rhizome, Red Jujube Fruit, and Chinese Licorice Root. All the herbs present in the adaptogen supplement help to boost immunity and improve the overall health. This premium adaptogen supplement calms and relaxes the body and mind, increases energy, decreases stress, reduces anxiety and improves sleep which makes it one of the best adaptogen supplement. However, the capsules renders subtle effects and thus to increase its effectiveness one needs to intake a higher dose, i.e. 6 capsules per serving of this adaptogen supplement.

#3. Be Well Dr. Frank Lipman Adaptogens

Be Well Dr. Frank Lipman Adaptogens is a basic adaptogenic formula, which uses the right combination and dosage of the most powerful and proven adaptogenic herbs. This adaptogen supplement has helped millions across the world regain their lost enthusiasm for life and get their vitality and energy back. It helps the user to remain calm under pressure, fight fatigue, and sleep better. It also strengthens their body’s response to stress, increases their focus, enhances their ability to cope with anxiety, and improves the health of their adrenal system and therefore is considered one of the best adaptogen supplements. Since this supplement contains limited ingredients, a high dose, i.e. 6 capsules per serving, needs to be consumed for optimal results.

#4. Premier Research Labs: AdrenaVen

Now comes 4th in the line of the best adaptogen supplements, AdrenaVen. This adaptogen has been prepared by Premier Research Labs. This reasonably priced health supplement is made of pure and high quality ingredients and is a potent combo of three blends, herbs, enzymes, nutrients and cordyceps, all of which aim to provide support to adrenal function and overall immune system. This adaptogen supplement also boosts energy, reduces anxiety, decreases fatigue, and helps to manage stressful situations more efficiently. Along with widely used adaptogenic herbs, this adaptogen supplement also includes sufficient dosage of rare herbs as well.

#5. Purely Beneficial: Adrena Maxx

Like its name, the company Purely Beneficial puts great importance on purity of the product. This adaptogen is made by combining organic ingredients like essential vitamins, minerals, and a potent blend of about 20 herbs, Probiotics, amino acids, etc. It is not only an excellent adaptogen supplement, but is also an effective multivitamin as well. This reasonably priced, natural adaptogen supplement helps to improve mental clarity and focus, reduce stress, enhance energy and relieves fatigue. Like all other effective adaptogen formulas, this product helps in decreasing stress levels by maintaining a balanced cortisol levels while enhancing immunity. This adaptogen supplement; however, lacks certain key ingredients.


All the above mentioned adaptogen supplements are equally beneficial and if added to the daily diet, these can greatly help to decrease stress, boost energy and enhance the overall quality of life. Thus if one takes adaptogen supplements regularly they can naturally enhance their well being.

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