How to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally?

How to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally?

Not all women undergo the painful premenstrual syndrome or PMS which consists of the worst feeling of bloating and cramping, the unusual crankiness, irritability, tenderness in varying parts of the body that strike around days before your period starts. About 80 to 90% women are reported to go through PMS symptoms even in their mid forties. Women may have one or two PMS symptoms or could have combined symptoms which turn out to be really annoying. Few doctors believe in giving medicines to relieve the PMS symptoms, but that is surely not the right way to cure PMS as it may make the situation more disturbing in the coming days. However, with lifestyle changes you can actually reduce the discomfort of PMS naturally.

How to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally?

Change your Diet to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

You need to change your diet to avoid bloating symptom of PMS. Cutting down on caffeine helps in preventing the anxiety and irritability of PMS. Avoiding alcohol consumption also helps in preventing mood swings and depression from PMS. If you want to stabilize your mood as well as your blood sugar you have to avoid sugar as well to prevent these symptoms of PMS. You also need to quit eating junk food and consume more fruits and vegetables especially a week prior to your scheduled period which is the PMS time.

Adopt a New Eating Style to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

Now eating style is also important along with what you are eating to reduce PMS symptoms. You must aim at avoiding dips and spikes in your blood sugar to reduce PMS symptoms and it is actually worth transforming your diet right before moving to medicines for reducing PMS symptoms. Here is a short list of foods which you should be taking to avoid PMS symptoms:

  • According to studies and reports, women who consume plant based foods more often are less likely to undergo symptoms of PMS. Among the plant based diets, there are seeds, vegetables, nuts, fruits and herbs.
  • PMS is known to be cause GI disturbances, which is why it is really important to consume at least 30 g of fiber everyday to prevent these symptoms of PMS.
  • Green leafy vegetables are known to be having high diuretic effect, leafy vegetables are also one of the best sources of magnesium and calcium, these two minerals are best to decrease menstrual cramps.
  • Among the seeds, there are flaxseeds that help in promoting strong estrogen metabolism, which helps in reducing PMS symptoms.
  • Foods which are high in Omega-3 fats, such as Wild-caught fish help in reducing the throbbing pain and inflammation occurring as a result of PMS.
  • Avocado is really helpful in reducing bloating and maintaining balance due to its nutritional profile. Avocado is effective in maintaining the balance of magnesium, fat, fiber, and potassium helps in preventing PMS symptoms.

Foods to Avoid to Reduce PMS Symptoms Naturally

There are few others foods which every woman should be avoiding to reduce pain and other PMS symptoms. Foods which should be avoided to prevent PMS symptoms are:

  • Transfats and hydrogenated fats are known worsen PMS symptoms, you must avoid foods which have high amount of these fats.
  • There are foods consisting of food allergens which can directly affect the PMS symptoms. Food allergies can actually worsen the PMS symptoms.
  • Sugar is known to cause fluctuations in the blood sugar and thus worsens the mood swings which lead to excruciating headaches and difficulty in concentrating. Sugar is also known to deplete the critical minerals of the body and worsen the PMS symptoms. Just like sugar, salt also worsens PMS symptoms by increasing water retention and increasing pain during a woman’s periods. So a diet rich in sodium should be avoided during the PMS period.
  • Next comes caffeine, which also exacerbates and worsens the PMS symptoms as caffeine encourages anxiety and depression along with leading to development of uneasy breast tenderness.

Working Out Is Also Effective in Reducing PMS Symptoms Naturally

Reports confirm that women who have sedentary lifestyles are more prone to experiencing PMS symptoms than those women who lead an active lifestyle. Even when women are reporting feeling loss of energy or feeling fatigued for long time, they should be working out for sure as mild exercise helps in reducing pain and tenderness which are a part of PMS symptoms. Few minutes of dynamic aerobic movement or brisk walking will surely help you get rid of your PMS symptoms. These exercises are not meant for only muscle strengthening, but to reduce pain as well, so starting them few days before period would certainly help you for sure.

Vitamins are a Sure Cure for Reducing PMS Symptoms Naturally

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E are two vitamins recommended by expert obstetrics and gynecologists along with them Calcium, Magnesium, which should be consumed a week before periods to reduce PMS symptoms.

Herbal Remedies for Reducing PMS Symptoms Naturally

There are some herbal remedies, which help in relieving PMS symptoms which help in reducing cramping and mood swings. Some of the herbal remedies consist of dandelion, black cohosh, evening primrose oil, chasteberry, ginger, raspberry leaf or natural progesterone creams. These items play role as best supplements; however, you should know which of these herbal remedies to take and when.

Stress Management is Essential for Reducing PMS Symptoms Naturally

You need to make sure that you are getting sufficient rest and ample sleep. You should never invite stress in your life as stress worsens your PMS symptoms. You must try to have as much catnap as possible to decrease your PMS symptoms. You should also concentrate on reducing your stress levels and for that you need to get practice deep breathing, meditation, yoga and relaxing massage. When your body and mind work in proper coordination, PMS symptoms will surely go down. You can even go for partying etc. in your PMS period by relieving your stress.

Charting Your PMS Symptoms

You have to chart your PMS symptoms consecutively for a few months to understand the cycle such as when you are likely to experience PMS. There are women likely to face debilitating PMS, such symptoms includes both physical and emotional symptoms. There are varying symptoms and also varying treatment options to relieve the symptoms.

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