Simple Steps for Elderly Women to Maintain Health

Getting old, doesn’t mean that now life has turned its back on you and you will be engulfed in plethora of diseases or will have a poor quality of life from now. Instead this is the time when you can focus on your health and do the best for yourself. Know the simple steps for elderly women to maintain health.

Aging is a law of nature. As narrated by the great, master of masters William Shakespeare in his poetry, “Seven Ages of a Man”, every mortal being that has stepped on this earth will go through this cycle of nature. Perhaps it`s the seventh stage of a man when his gums loosen, teeth uproot, skin sags, power recedes but it`s the mental strength that should be alive and this is what keeps a person alive and living.

Getting older especially becomes a concern for women. Though it invites both positive and negative changes in the body, but one can easily follow few simple steps to maintain your health. It`s inevitable that your body would go through numerous changes and this also thrusts on you as a care taker of your own self. Let`s discuss the major changes your body will experience as you get older.

Elderly Women and Health

Elderly Women and Health

The most important reason why elderly women need simple steps to maintain health are the increasing risk of problems with aging. Women are more prone to certain health problems, particularly elderly women are at risk of many problems.

  • Bones – As you get older, your bones tend to become brittle and hard with age. Thinner and brittle bones often lead to a condition known as osteoporosis. This seriously leads to weak and tender muscles usually due to growing age and loss of muscle tissue. Lack of Vitamin D in the body is also a very staunch cause of this disease. Therefore weaker bones put you at a higher risk of breaking bones. So get yourself checked regularly and follow medical advice.
  • Heart – With increasing age, in spite of going for a healthy and balanced diet, your heart might slightly enlarge itself, the heart rate might lower and the walls of heart might also thicken. Overall the risk of heart diseases increases with age, especially in post-menopausal women. Hence, elderly women need to be more careful about their heart health.
  • Nervous System – Old age also brings changes in reflexes and nervous system. Forgetfulness is common in old age, along with nerve problems. Cells of the brain are damaged and severely affected by old age and this affects the nervous system to great extent.
  • Digestive System – As your age advances, the digestive tract also becomes more firm and rigid. This can cause problems like digestive issues (slow digestion), stomach pain, nausea, and constipation. Elderly women may experience such problems making it necessary to manage your health and diet.
  • Teeth – The outer enamel that protects teeth wears out with age and teeth become loose. The worn out of teeth are also susceptible to cavities. Dental problems and oral health is a big concern for elderly women.
  • Skin – Most importantly, the skin also tends to sag and becomes dry. Elderly women may want to protect their skin to continue looking their best and keep skin problems at bay.

Simple Steps for Elderly Women to Maintain Health

It`s very important to maintain the health which includes both physical and mental being as well. Practicing healthy and ideal ways of life is very essential. You take care of your health in your golden blossoming young days only to reap benefits when your turn old. It just you get what you give. So below are some steps to maintain a healthy and refreshing life in old age:

  1. Exercise – One of the simple steps for elderly women to maintain health is regular exercises. Considering the health risks in elderly women exercises play a very important role in keeping you healthy. Exercises help in keeping the body muscles and bones stronger. It boosts the immune system, prevents infections and allergies and keeps the body healthy. Light weight lifting, cardiovascular exercises like walking, jogging or swimming and stretching exercises will be highly beneficial to the body. For those who have joint problems, aqua aerobics or simple water exercises in the pool can do wonders. Practicing yoga, Tai chi is also a great idea.
  2. Socially Active – Another simple step for elderly women to maintain health is to stay socially active. As they say” A healthy body resides in a healthy mind”, this narrates the relevance of active, vibrant and fresh mind. To maintain a healthy nervous system, apart from exercising, be socially active and communicate well with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Life is too short for grudges. Involve yourself in amusing conversations and this will produces ecstatic effects on the body. Laugh, learn, grow and inspire.
  3. A Healthy Diet – A healthy diet is very important for all, particularly elderly women. This is one of the most important simple steps for elderly women to maintain health. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Eat a healthy, high fiber diet, with whole grains, lean meats, nuts and seeds. Make sure you take plenty of water to aid better digestion, keep your body supple and prevent dehydration. Avoid having junk and oily food regularly, indulge in it only once in a while. Also do over do with meat, as with old age the digestion slows down; hence eating light is equally essential.
  4. No Alcohol and Smoking – According to a study, every cigarette reduces 11 minutes of your life. Also, the disastrous effects of alcohol on the organs of the body especially liver; is known to everyone. Since the effects of smoking on human body are all pervasive, it is necessary to quit smoking too.
  5. Adequate Sleep – Elderly women may encounter sleeping problems. This could be due to temperature changes, hormone problems or increased urination at night. Whatever may be the reason, inadequate sleep can only invite more health problems. Lack of proper sleep hinders in the healing process and can cause headache, body pain, muscle and joint pain or increased fatigue. Proper sleep of 4-6 hours is very essential for proper functioning of mind as well as the body. Rest and sleep is an essential element of the simple steps for elderly women to maintain health.
  6. Proper Medications – Proper and timely medications are very important for elderly women to maintain health. Also constantly monitor the effect of medicines and if a medicine is producing is rendering side effects, immediately talk to your doctor regarding this. Most importantly, take medicines and nutritional supplements only as advised and do not make any changes in the medicines or their doses, without consulting your physician.
  7. Monitor Your Health – In addition to the simple steps for elderly women to maintain health, a necessary step is to monitor your health. Make sure you should regularly go for checkups, and remain conscious of your health. A routine health check-up, dental and eye check-up is important to prevent many health complications. Monitor blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, kidney function and any other parameters as advised by your physician.

Getting older can be made more interesting by following a healthy routine. With these simple steps for elderly women to maintain health, you are sure to enjoy your aging.

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