Dos and Don’ts for Period

Having periods is certainly not a good experience for a woman; as most of the women experience mood swings so much that they remain irritated and agitated throughout their periods. About periods, there are so many new things to learn, there are so many mysteries to solve. There are few things, which you should not be doing and there are so many things, which you should be doing. Recent surveys and researches have confirmed that women who are menstruating face varying degrees of mental and physical challenges, which leave them stressed out. This is the time when women go through mood swings, cramps, headaches, nausea, temper tantrums and bloating.

First and foremost during menstruation there are changes in a women’s hormones due to which women fail to concentrate on anything. There are certain foods, which should be avoided during periods and there are some activities that are not recommended for women to do during periods. Therefore, here is a quick to-do and not-to-do lists for women, a simple task manager that helps women to understand what they should be doing and not be doing during their periods.

Dos and Don'ts for Period

Do’s During Periods

  • While having periods, few things every woman should do is staying fresh by following hygiene codes of all types and this should be the prime priority of every woman during menstruation. This is the time when a woman tends to feel tired, when her mind remains numb, when her limbs feel exhausted and she generally feels clumsy and messy. Due to all this, women going through menstruation often do not feel like taking daily showers. However, it is very important to maintain cleanliness and hygiene during menstruation. So make sure you are changing your sanitary napkins, pads and tampons timely and taking regular showers to feel fresh during periods.
  • If you are one of those who have period cramps and pains, then you should be practicing light exercise to reduce pain. Exercising helps in systematizing the blood flow and makes the blood flow proper and uninterrupted. Mild exercises help in alleviating period pain, thus making you feel free and normal during periods.
  • Drink more water, fruit juice and beverages, as it will keep your body hydrated. During periods, a woman’s body tends to become dehydrated. Drinking lots of water helps in dealing with all these problems. Water should be consumed more during periods than what you consume on an average.
  • Do try to eat less spicy, less oily food, because if you are having indigestion then it may generate bloating across your stomach and lower abdomen area. You should not be overstuffing yourself, you should not be taking heavy meals, but rather eat small portions whenever you are hungry. This would help you stay energized through your periods.
  • There are a few food items like ginger, green veggies, and fruits, which help in easing the pain of periods. You can go on with your regular diet, but try to eat less oily food as much as possible.
  • Do wear loose cotton clothes, as wearing tight outfits during heavy menstrual flow can make you feel uncomfortable at home or outside. You will feel less constrained and freer in loose clothes.
  • Do watch movies, which have inspiring tone or comic note during periods, as the mind often works in different directions. During period a woman can feel depressed, anxious, and unhappy, so watching good movies is a great way to remain energetic and positive during periods. You will never feel agitated if you are mentally contented.

Some Don’ts to Follow During Periods

  • Do not sit still, don’t stay on bed for longer time span. Get up and move as you do every other day. Sitting still will make you conscious about your miserable state and you will go on tracking any abnormality or bloating in your mid section. But when you are involved in any movement, you won’t be having time to concentrate on any problems of periods. Keep yourself busy during your periods.
  • Do not consume excessive coffee, as excessive caffeine intake will churn pain now and then. So you need to restrict your regular coffee consumption during periods.
  • Do not consume junk foods, as it may cause indigestion and lead to increased pain during periods. You should be taking fresh food and drinks to maintain your energy levels during periods.
  • Do not drink alcohol, as alcohol tends to dehydrate the whole system and will cause more pain, and it can also interrupt the normal blood flow in periods.
  • Women going through periods will be very volatile emotionally, so avoid watching sentimental movies and watch movies, which will uplift your mood and put you in a better mindset.
  • Try to avoid dairy products, as it will cause problems during menstruation. Dairy items such as milk and yogurt, which have ingredients like arachidonic acid, can cause cramping sensation in the lower abdomen. So it’s better to avoid dairy food items 3 or 4 days before your periods start.
  • Do not use napkins or tampons for longer time, as this is harmful for your body. So keep changing your pads regularly to maintain hygiene or else germs will be generated and affect the private parts, which is certainly not good for health.
  • Do not consume food items, which are high in salt. It is advised that foods which are high in salt/sodium should not be taken, as this will lead to fluid retention, bloating and cramps during periods.
  • Do not count calories in those days. Try to pamper yourself and make yourself feel special by treating yourself with your favorite food items, a massage or a pedicure. This will help you feel better overall during your periods.
  • Do not indulge in sexual intercourse. No matter how horny you feel those days, it is recommended to avoid intimacy during periods, as sex can cause more pain and bleeding during periods.
Conclusion of Do’s and Don’ts During Periods

Having periods have always been quite uncomfortable for every woman from the time immemorial, but there are many measures that can be undertaken to ease the painful experience of the periods. Following the above mentioned Do’s and Don’ts during the periods can definitely make you feel comfortable during periods to a great extent!

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